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Ventiv Technology

Transform the way you manage your risk and insurance information.

Ventiv Technology

Ventiv Technology is a leading global provider of innovative risk and insurance software solutions for a vast array of industries, serving some of the largest companies in the world. Committed to excellence in data analytics, technology and customer success, Ventiv transforms the way companies manage risk and insurance information to enable optimal outcomes.

With over 45 years’ experience, Ventiv proudly partners with 485 organizations and 350,000 users in more than 40 countries. 

One of our core values is always maintaining a client focus. We recognize the unique needs of different client groups and our professionals specialize by product, function and client industry—all coordinated by strategic account managers, or relationship managers, who factor in a holistic view of the client's needs.

By truly listening to our clients and working with them as a partner, we can best develop solutions that work seamlessly with their business. Only in this manner can we help clients to uncover risks and discover new opportunities to make their businesses more successful, now and into the future.


  • Ventiv IRM

    Integrated risk management software can provide the insight you need to monitor and lower your Total Cost of Risk (TCoR). Make informed decisions with real-time analytics by integrating all of your data from internal and external sources in one system while connecting risk mitigation activities across the business.

    The right integrated risk management software not only aggregates risk, insurance, and EH&S data but also supports your risk strategy and improves performance with effective governance and risk ownership.

    As today’s risk environment changes to encompass a diverse, critical range of enterprise and large-scale risks, no risk manager can afford to be without powerful risk-focused technology.

    Ventiv enhances and simplifies the evaluation, mitigation, and monitoring of risk with powerful analytics, business intelligence, and reporting capabilities.

    More Information » www.ventivtech.com/products/integrated-risk-manage...

  • Ventiv Claims

    Accelerate claims admin workflows and improve productivity
    Insurance claims are costly, complex transactions involving multiple parties, systems, and regulatory concerns.

    Efficiency is key to driving optimal outcomes. Improve the bottom-line performance with our claims administration software by:

    • Accelerating workflow and improving productivity
    • Addressing regulatory issues with compliance support
    • Tightly integrating information, systems, and people
    • Using advanced analytics and reporting
    • Reducing inefficiencies, waste, and overpayments

    More Information » www.ventivtech.com/products/claims-administration-...

  • Ventiv Digital

    Mobile Solutions for Risk & Insurance. Gather comprehensive, accurate data directly from the field with any device.

    More Information » www.ventivtech.com/products/intake-and-mobile-soft...

  • Ventiv Analytics

    Risk Management Analytics Software. Leveraging Ventiv's risk management analytics software, harness the hidden insights in your risk data to predict outcomes and drive transformation.

    More Information » www.ventivtech.com/products/risk-management-analyt...

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