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Ventiv Technology

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Ventiv Technology

Ventiv Technology is a leader in technology that transforms how organizations manage risk. Formerly a unit of Aon PLC, we became the independent company Ventiv Technology when we were acquired by Symphony Technology Group in September 2014.

Ventiv has more than 40 years of experience providing risk, insurance and safety software solutions. We serve more than 550 organizations and 270,000 people around the world. We provide streamlined business processes through a personalized and configurable approach resulting in measurable value for organizations by leveraging the only integrated risk and insurance technology solution.

One of our core values is always maintaining a client focus. We recognize the unique needs of different client groups and our professionals specialize by product, function and client industry—all coordinated by strategic account managers, or relationship managers, who factor in a holistic view of the client's needs.

By truly listening to our clients and working with them as a partner, we can best develop solutions that work seamlessly with their business. Only in this manner can we help clients to uncover risks and discover new opportunities to make their businesses more successful, now and into the future 




  • RiskConsole

    RiskConsole is an all-in-one system that turns risk and insurance data into insights that help deliver a competitive advantage. It allows you to capture, manage and analyze your renewal data collection, incidents and claims, policies, ERM, premium allocation, risk financing and more from one integrated system.

    More Information » www.ventivtech.com/en-US/Risk

  • Riskconsole Express

    RiskConsole Express is a low-cost, high-functionality risk management software solution for middle-sized businesses. RiskConsole Express empowers risk-focused executives to move their insurance programs beyond the transactional buying of insurance by providing complete, high-quality data to brokers, actuaries and underwriters for improved coverage and pricing.

    More Information » www.ventivtech.com/Pages/en-US/Industries/RiskCons...


  • Ventiv 3SIXTY° Magazine - 2014

    3SIXTY° features clients and the results-producing practices they’re applying in their risk, insurance and safety programs. 3SIXTY° also features analysis from Ventiv experts. More »

    Ventiv 3SIXTY° Magazine  - 2014
  • RMIS ROI Calculator

    What return on investment could a risk managment information system (RMIS) deliver to your organization? Let's take a look. Determine the business value of a risk management information system like RiskConsole with our easy-to-use and interactive ROI calculator. More »

    RMIS ROI Calculator
  • Optimizing the Renewal Process with Technology

    If you are looking to optimize your organizatoin's insurance renewal, this is the right eBook for you. More »

    Optimizing the Renewal Process with Tech...
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  • Stephen Rhee
    Stephen Rhee

    Ventiv Technology
    Chicago, Illinois

  • Steve Cloutman
    Steve Cloutman

    Managing Director, EMEA
    Ventiv Technology
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