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Starr Insurance Companies is a leading insurance and investment organization, providing commercial property and casualty insurance, including travel and accident coverage, to almost every imaginable business and industry in virtually every part of the world.

Cornelius Vander Starr established his first insurance company in Shanghai, China in 1919.

Today, Starr is one of the world’s fastest growing insurance organizations. Our experienced associates are capable of writing in 124 countries on 6 continents.

No other global insurance company exceeds Starr’s long history and comprehensive experience in complex business markets like China, among others. Starr has the global knowledge, vision and relationships to help your company succeed, anywhere you do business.

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  • Accident & Health

    From Fortune 500 clients to nonprofit organizations, Starr’s Accident & Health products cover employees and their families across the globe.

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    Accident & Health
  • Aviation & Aerospace

    Whether it’s jetting across continents or reaching past the stratosphere, Starr has the team of experts understand the constantly changing risk environment and develop unique solutions to enable the success of companies, organizations and their people.

    More Information » www.starrcompanies.com/insurance/aviationoverview?...

    Aviation & Aerospace
  • Commercial General Casualty

    Creative, nimble and responsive are three words often associated with Starr’s underwriting approach – that’s what makes us different.

    More Information » www.starrcompanies.com/insurance/commercialgeneral...

    Commercial General Casualty
  • Construction Primary & Excess

    Starr Insurance Companies offers Primary and Excess Casualty Coverage for both common and less-foreseeable risks.

    More Information » www.starrcompanies.com/insurance/constructionoverv...

    Construction Primary & Excess
  • Crisis Management

    In an unpredictable world of threats, the ability to respond quickly has become more important than ever. That’s why Starr’s Crisis Management division is ready, on a moment’s notice, to understand and deal with threats before, during and after an incident.

    More Information » www.starrcompanies.com/insurance/crisismanagement?...

    Crisis Management
  • Cyber Risk

    In our increasingly online and digital world, every company has a potential “cyber risk.” It is a term used frequently and a topic of the daily news cycle. Cyber risk represents two major perils: network security failure and privacy incident, which simply means an organization’s failure to protect its computer systems or private information or both. 

    More Information » www.starrcompanies.com/insurance/cyberoverview?utm...

    Cyber Risk
  • Defense Base Act

    Starr Insurance Companies’ Defense Base Act department offers statutory federal Workers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability insurance to U.S Government Contractors working outside of the United States.

    More Information » www.starrcompanies.com/insurance/defenseoverview?u...

    Defense Base Act
  • Energy Primary & Excess Casualty

    The world is transforming right before our eyes. Once-emerging countries have now become global economic powerhouses. However, with this remarkable shift, one thing has become clear – the world needs more energy. 

    More Information » www.starrcompanies.com/insurance/energycasualty?ut...

    Energy Primary & Excess Casualty
  • Environmental

    In their effort to meet environmental compliance and regulatory requirements, companies everywhere are facing a new level of risk.

    More Information » www.starrcompanies.com/insurance/environmentalover...

  • Extended Warranty Protection

    An extended warranty, sometimes called a service agreement, a service contract, or a maintenance agreement, is
    offered to consumers in addition to the standard manufacturer’s warranty on new items. The extended warranty
    may be offered by the warranty administrator, the retailer or the manufacturer.

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    Extended Warranty Protection
  • Financial Lines

    As businesses continue to adapt to a changing regulatory environment, C-Suites are facing more exposure than ever before. 

    More Information » www.starrcompanies.com/insurance/financialoverview...

    Financial Lines
  • Marine

    International trade is the lifeblood of the worldwide economy. As new technologies are developed, new maritime risks arise. That’s why it’s critical to have an expert who understands those risks as a partner.

    More Information » www.starrcompanies.com/insurance/marineoverview?ut...

  • Political Risk

    Starr Insurance Companies’ Political Risk Coverage helps organizations conducting global business protect assets and financial interests from losses due to specified political risks.

    More Information » www.starrcompanies.com/insurance/politicalrisk?utm...

    Political Risk
  • Professional Liability

    Starr Insurance Companies provides a comprehensive, innovative program of Primary and Excess Professional Liability Coverage for various professionals including lawyers and accountants, architects & engineers, and other specified professions.

    More Information » www.starrcompanies.com/insurance/proliabilityoverv...

    Professional Liability
  • Property

    Starr Specialty’s broad appetite allows our underwriters to provide creative solutions shared or layered programs. We write primary, buffers, middle and capacity excess layers depending on each individual client’s needs. 

    More Information » www.starrcompanies.com/insurance/propertyoverview?...

  • Risk Management General Casualty

    In today’s rapidly changing environment, you need the support of experts who ask the tough questions, to provide solutions that meet insured needs.

    More Information » www.starrcompanies.com/insurance/riskmanagement?ut...

    Risk Management General Casualty
  • Sports & Special Events - General Liability

    From youth soccer teams to adult softball teams, to musicians and actors, nobody throws a pitch or utters a line until proper insurance coverage is in place.

    More Information » www.starrcompanies.com/insurance/sportsandspeciale...

    Sports & Special Events - General Liabil...
  • Travel Insurance

    Starr Assist provides insurance coverage for individual and family leisure travelers who value the investment they have made in a vacation and depend on comprehensive travel insurance plans.

    More Information » www.starrcompanies.com/insurance/travelinsurance?u...

    Travel Insurance
  • Workplace & Political Violence

    A Starr Insurance Companies insurance offering that provides comprehensive coverage for the perils and threats that can severely impact a business’ physical locations, operations, and employees. 

    More Information » www.starrcompanies.com/~/media/Files/StarrUS/Comme...

    Workplace & Political Violence

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