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Riskonnect, Inc.

Integrated Risk Management Solutions

Riskonnect, Inc.

Riskonnect is the leading global integrated risk management solution provider that enables organizations to anticipate and manage strategic and operational risks across the extended enterprise. Its unique, holistic approach to integrated risk serves more than 900 companies across 6 continents. Riskonnect has operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia, employing more than 500 risk management experts.

For more information about Riskonnect, visit riskonnect.com, email info@riskonnect.com or call 770-790-4700. 


  • Integrated Risk Management Solutions

    Only Riskonnect offers a single, unified, automated risk-assessment tool that provides critical insight into all the strategic and operational risks across the enterprise and what is being done to manage these risks to align with the risk tolerance of the organization.

    More Information » bit.ly/2Sv4gXr

    Integrated Risk Management Solutions
  • Enterprise Risk Management

    The Riskonnect Enterprise Risk Management solution is a way to support achievement of the key objectives of your organization through the recognized process of risk identification, risk assessment, risk mitigation, and risk monitoring. Volatility and surprises can be reduced or eliminated — enabling the organization to focus on growth and reward.

    More Information » bit.ly/2H5m75j

    Enterprise Risk Management
  • RMIS

    Riskonnect’s Risk Management solutions empower risk decision-makers through leading-edge technology. In order to help organizations lower their total cost of risk, they need to be able to immediately cross-examine their risk and insurance data. Many organizations struggle to achieve this goal, spending valuable time manually manipulating and consolidating the data across the enterprise. This is often at the expense of being able to add real value to their organizations by helping reduce losses, and proactively manage and mitigate risks.

    More Information » bit.ly/2SxHXR5

  • Compliance and Regulatory Management

    Riskonnect’s Governance & Compliance solution aggregates all corporate and legal policies, procedures, and requirements from across the organization into one centralized location. The easyto-use software tracks, manages, and documents all compliance related activity for a comprehensive, real-time view of your risk. 

    More Information » bit.ly/2SxXG2x

    Compliance and Regulatory Management
  • Internal Audit Management

    Riskonnect’s Internal Audit solution helps you easily manage the end-to-end audit process on a secure, expandable platform.
    The software applies consistent methodology to identify, assess, and address risks of all types, including financial, operational, IT, compliance, and more. 

    More Information » bit.ly/2BVFjyU

    Internal Audit Management
  • Vendor Risk Management

    Riskonnect Vendor Risk Management solution brings all of your vendor information together into one, cloud-based platform that monitors vendors throughout the entire relationship. It tracks everything that relates to third-party suppliers, including agreements, contracts, policies, and access credentials. 

    More Information » bit.ly/2BVFmL6

    Vendor Risk Management
  • Health & Safety Management

    The Riskonnect Health and Safety Management solution allows your risk management and safety professionals to work together on one solution combined with business intelligence

    More Information » bit.ly/2SxkPSE

    Health & Safety Management
  • Riskonnect Healthcare

    Riskonnect Healthcare solutions are designed to offer healthcare provider organizations the most capable, flexible, intuitive and robust patient safety and risk management reporting technology available.

    More Information » bit.ly/2Su6EOg

    Riskonnect Healthcare


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