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QBE North America

We are an integrated specialist insurer

QBE North America

QBE North America is an integrated specialist insurer offering specialty, commercial, personal and reinsurance capabilities. We are part of QBE, one of the largest carriers worldwide. As such, QBE North America combines global strength, with applied expertise and an experience of excellence, to deliver exceptional end-to-end solutions through a limited and preferred network of agents and brokers. The breadth and depth of our capabilities allows us to deliver customized and comprehensive solutions to target customer segments. Enhanced multinational and cyber capabilities demonstrate our ability to evolve to meet the emerging needs of our customers. From quote to claim, we manage risk better with agility and tenacity.


  • QBE Accident and Health

    QBE Accident & Health provides exemplary coverage and services to support the specialized needs of self-insured employers. 

    More Information » qbena.com/business-lines/specialty/accident-health...

  • QBE Aviation

    As one of the largest insurance and reinsurance companies in the world, QBE is known as a global leader in Aviation insurance. We bring a global mindset and global scale with a solid footprint and experience in North America. 

    More Information » qbena.com/business-lines/specialty/aviation.aspx

  • QBE Cyber

    QBE has created a privacy and network security solution to meet the needs of clients and help alleviate the costs associated with cyber exposure. Our solution can help your customers be proactive in mitigating the risk of security breaches and responding quickly if one does occur.

    More Information » qbena.com/business-lines/specialty/cyber.aspx

  • QBE Inland Marine

    QBE has created a team of specialized Inland Marine professionals to help meet the needs of a wide range of businesses, from small companies to global corporations.

    More Information » qbena.com/business-lines/specialty/inland-marine.a...

  • QBE Healthcare

    QBE's growing suite of Healthcare products and services is specifically designed to support hospitals, physician groups, miscellaneous provider facilities and managed care entities.

    More Information » qbena.com/business-lines/specialty/healthcare.aspx

  • QBE Management Liability and Professional Lines

    We offer a wide range of coverages, including Commercial Errors & Omissions, Directors & Officers Liability, EPL, Fiduciary/Crime and Bonds for all types of customers – from public to private companies and not-for-profits to financial institutions.

    More Information » qbena.com/business-lines/specialty/management-liab...

  • QBE Specialty Programs

    QBE is an industry leader in the Program Administration distribution channel, and is one of the largest market segments in North America. QBE is committed to the strategic growth of the Specialty Programs business segment, and is actively seeking to expand our product offerings through the MGA/MGU and Program Administrator channels.

    More Information » qbena.com/business-lines/specialty/specialty-progr...

  • QBE Surety

    QBE Surety specializes in bonding needs for various businesses and industries. With our portfolio of surety bonds, including contract and commercial bonds, we can provide surety programs tailored to your business needs.

    More Information » qbena.com/business-lines/specialty/surety.aspx

  • QBE Trade Credit

    In today's volatile credit environment, selling on trade credit terms is becoming the norm. Yet with this comes customer insolvency, overdue accounts and political risks. QBE's Trade Credit insurance helps your company mitigate these risks.

    More Information » qbena.com/business-lines/specialty/trade-credit.as...

  • QBE Transactional Liability

    QBE offers highly customized insurance solutions to safeguard M&A transactions by addressing indemnification issues that could come up during negotiations and due diligence and could prevent the deal from closing.

    More Information » qbena.com/business-lines/specialty/transactional-l...

  • QBE Commercial Insurance: Corporate

    QBE Corporate offers tailored solutions for middle market clients. Through deep technical underwriting expertise and sound risk advice QBE gives businesses the certainty and confidence they need to manage their operations. 

    More Information » qbena.com/business-lines/property-casualty/commerc...

  • QBE Commercial Insurance: Small Business

    QBE provides a comprehensive suite of products for small business customers. Underwriters with deep industry knowledge offer customized solutions to meet each customers’ unique needs. 

    More Information » qbena.com/business-lines/property-casualty/commerc...

  • QBE Program Business: P&C

    QBE Program Business experts see opportunities where others don’t. We explore all opportunities to contribute to your success. Our goal is to help you identify and meet your customers’ needs. We serve the program administrator or MGA market and develop customized programs targeting underserved niche market segments. 

    More Information » qbena.com/business-lines/property-casualty/program...


  • QBE By the numbers

    QBE North America's numbers tell the story of an integrated specialist insurer and how we deliver on our promises. More »

    QBE By the numbers

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