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Momentum. Movement. Forward motion. That is what we do at Proskauer. Its the foundation of any successful business. But our business is the business of our clients. Frankly, without their business we have none. Its not enough to do good legal work. There are many firms out there and to be fair, most are capable of closing a deal or winning a case. It's hardly surprising. We went to the same law schools, learned the same legal principles and passed the same exams. So what do we bring to the table?

Our approach is not simply to “represent" our clients but to get into their heads; to understand their business and to know their industries as well as they do. We do this so we are not presenting legal advice in a vacuum but rather with the understanding of how it will affect their bottom line. When they grow, we grow. Its called momentum.

Over the years we have steadily grown and built our practices and expanded to key markets. We have a compendium of knowledge and experience that cannot be gleaned from a textbook or from handling a deal or two. It has been forged by years of experience, by senior partners guiding new partners who in turn train associates. When a Proskauer lawyer is on the case, he or she is supported by decades of experience, knowledge and insight.