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IT Consultation. Integration. Infrastructure Managed Services.


With 39 in-house engineers and security experts, including Level 1, 2, and 3 talent, Promenet Inc. is uniquely positioned to discover and remediate your network's vulnerabilities. Recent security breaches, like those at the IRS, Home Depot, and Rutgers University, show that it’s vital for organizations of all sizes to assess the security of their IT infrastructure. Data loss or destruction, whether malicious or unintended, can have devastating consequences on an organization’s productivity and reputation. 

We're one of New York City's premier IT-consulting firms. Established in 1999, we cater to mid-size clients with 25 - 5,000 users. Unlike our competitors, who implement basic configurations that lack flexibility, we recognize that mid-market companies have more specialized needs than enterprise-level organizations. We only work with trusted, name-brand vendors, and currently support 300+ clients across a variety of industries. Because of our wide pool of engineering expertise, we're able to advise our clients on how to align their IT planning with their larger strategies for growth.

Our service offerings include:

Assessments. We assess and analyze our clients’ IT resources; our assessments are the best in the business. 

Consultation. We advise our clients on how they can improve their IT infrastructures, and we help our clients choose IT solutions that fit their growth strategies.

Integration. We seamlessly integrate new technology with our clients’ existing networks, conducting sensitive work on production systems at night and on weekends to keep internal IT teams from getting overextended.

Documentation. We document our clients’ resources for the purposes of internal continuity and regulatory compliance.

Proactive Maintenance. We provide our clients with infrastructure managed services to keep their environments running smoothly.


  • Vulnerability Scan and Analysis

    Motivated attackers discover new security weaknesses every day, so it’s imperative to keep your network up-to-date against the latest threats. Promenet’s systems infrastructure specialists will perform a thorough scan of your systems and analyze the results, providing your security team with concrete remediation steps and – best of all – peace of mind.

    More Information » www.promenet.com/vulnerability-scan-and-analysis-r...

    Vulnerability Scan and Analysis
  • Technical Seminars

    We regularly hold technical seminars on topics like Exchange, datacenter design, and virtualization. They’re free, they’re not sales pitches, and we give you coffee and baked goods. Our seminars are run by our engineers. We have a highly certified engineering staff and an executive team with decades of experience in the field, which means we have the resources needed to discover, test, and explain a wide variety of new technologies and trends.


    All seminars run from 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM at our NYC offices. Please visit our website for a full schedule.



    February 10, 2016. Amazon Seminar: Creation of DR/Business Continuity, Backup/archive, Virtual Network Platform

    February 24, 2016. Microsoft Email Seminar: Migration to Office 365, Exchange 2016, Microsoft on AWS

    March 9, 2016. Engineering the Mobile Network

    More Information » www.promenet.com/events

    Technical Seminars


  • Promenet
    42 Broadway, 16th Floor
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    United States
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