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JW Surety Bonds

We have the expertise to ensure you have the optimal contract surety solutions in place.

JW Surety Bonds

COMPASS SuretyGuard: Managing Risk Your Way…


It's your company, so why should someone else be in charge of your risk management strategy? Wish there was a way to gain ownership over your Surety Bonding… stabilize premium pricing, improve cash flow and create future wealth? Perhaps you should consider the alternative… utilizing your Captive to proactively manage your construction risk exposures… Insurance to Bonding. Ask us how… with COMPASS SuretyGuard you can control your future!


Confidence and Trust…


JW Bond Consultants Contract Surety team develops unique custom solutions for clients in the Construction and Commercial sectors. Surety credit is one of the most important credit facilities available to support your business. Our team possesses extensive technical background combined with years of broker experience. This superior combination of experience and expertise enables us to anticipate your needs and effectively develop solutions for the most complicated bonding issues. Our approach takes a proactive stance on key elements of your surety requirements including:


Negotiation to maximize your surety program with the most favorable terms & conditions – work program, carrier strength, rate and indemnity.


Maintain outstanding relationships with top tier surety companies at both the local and national levels – we engage the best surety people to address the situation affecting your busines.


Fostering a strong relationship between our clients and their surety partners – ensuring there are no surprises.


24/7 online access to comprehensive bond reports customized to the client’s needs and requirements.


Establishing and maintaining 'stand-by' surety capacity to assure our clients of uninterrupted support as their business grows.


Few partnerships are as vital as the one between you and your surety partners. We understand this dynamic and have the experience and technical capability to ensure that your bonding program provides you with the competitive advantage needed to maximize your future financial success.


  • COMPASS SuretyGuard

    Utilize your Captive to proactively manage your construction risk exposures.

    COMPASS SuretyGuard


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  • Matt Gerdes
    Matt Gerdes

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    JW Surety Bonds
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