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  • Large Loss Recovery

    When damages escalate and bring your business to a grinding halt, displacing employees and negatively impacting your customers, it's time to involve a disaster recovery company with large loss expertise. With nearly 20 years of commercial property large loss experience throughout North America, Interstate Restoration has helped thousands of businesses successfully recover after disasters. Interstate has the capability and knowhow to respond to any size job, anywhere.

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    Large Loss Recovery
  • Fire and Smoke Damage

    Interstate provides both emergency response restoration and reconstruction services and can help you with every detail of your building after a fire. We will assess your site and stabilize the fire & smoke damage, addressing critical operations first to get you up and running.

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    Fire and Smoke Damage
  • Water Damage and Removal

    Quickly addressing water damage is critical to securing the structure of your building. Interstate will implement a water damage mitigation and restoration plan to extract, dry, and dehumidify your building. We prevent further damage using our own state-of-the-art water extraction, drying and dehumidification equipment for our water damage restoration services. Plus, we have moisture-reading equipment to detect water in places you can’t see, like walls and ceilings. Your building will look as though water damage never happened.

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    Water Damage and Removal
  • Document Recovery and Restoration

    Interstate’s document and media recovery services are designed to provide fast, efficient and high-quality service while meeting the strictest security and confidentiality requirements. No matter what the damage—water damage, humidity, mold, smoke, fire or contamination from animal waste—we have the expertise and capabilities to return documents, books and media to a usable state.

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    Document Recovery and Restoration
  • Priority Response Program

    One Source. One Number. Priority Service. Interstate’s Priority Response Program ensures that your national or regional company has an emergency response solution in place before a loss occurs; it also offers preferred service during areawide disasters.

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    Priority Response Program