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Helmsman Management Services

Our expertise and service. Your direction.

Helmsman Management Services

Helmsman Management Services is wholly dedicated to understanding the unique needs of your business and shaping the entire claims journey to your best interest with the strength of a Fortune 100 company. We are leading the way to better outcomes by offering these distinctive advantages:

  1. Complete commitment – We invest time in getting to understand your business in fine-grained detail, so we can provide support that’s tailored to your needs.
  2. Advanced capabilities – Our teams access cutting edge technologies, such as our next generation predictive modeling, to augment their claims management expertise.
  3. Reassured continuity – the backing of Liberty Mutual gives us stability and staying power, so we can focus wholly on your business.

To learn more about how Helmsman can tailor programs to meet your risk-management needs, visit our website.

Check out our LinkedIn page here.


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