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Healthesystems is a specialty provider of innovative medical cost management solutions for the workers compensation industry. Our comprehensive products include a leading Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) Program, expert Clinical Review Services and a revolutionary Ancillary Benefits Management (ABM) solution for prospectively managing ancillary medical services.

Our Vertice Claims Information Portal delivers real-time pharmacy and ancillary benefit management program information, reports and tools. This intuitive web portal allows claims professionals to access tools for quickly and efficiently processing provider transactions, running reports, retrieving relevant clinical information and many other functions.

By leveraging powerful technology, clinical expertise and enhanced workflow automation tools, we provide clients with flexible programs that reduce the total cost of medical care and manage drug utilization including the overuse of narcotics and other problematic drugs, all while increasing the quality of care for injured workers.



  • Todd Pisciotti
    Todd Pisciotti

    SVP, Sales, Marketing and CX
    Tampa, Florida

  • Jean Ulrich
    Jean Ulrich

    Senior Marketing Manager
    Tampa, Florida