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GSC-Arisces a Division of Industrial On-Site Network, an Arizona Limited Liability Company is a newly formed LLC by GS Consulting Group, LLC, headquartered in Gilbert, AZ and Rehab Arisces, LLC, headquartered in Fond du Lac, WI. The principles of GSC have a worked with Fortune 100 and 500 companies, small and medium size companies to install programs that prevent work related injuries and reduce cost associated with work related injuries.


  • Service Delivery Network

    Many of GSC-Arisces’ customers have manufacturing or service operations in multiple geographic locations throughout the country. As a result, it becomes difficult to manage and control costs when services and/or providers are not consistent.

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    Service Delivery Network
  • Injury Management

    On-Site Therapy

    On site therapy offers a cost effective way to provide prescribed services conveniently to employees. In addition, better communication with all parties, knowledge of the job being performed, reduced time away from work and shortened treatment visits and overall duration make on-site therapy a desirable alternative to traditional treatment options.

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    Injury Management
  • Injury Prevention

    Job Site Evaluation

    Typically used with an individual employee to observe and assess posture, positioning, use of ergonomic tools and equipment. Can be used to identify training needs, further ergonomic assessment concerns or to determine of employee can perform the job safely.

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    Injury Prevention