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Digital Ally, Inc.

Capture Truth

Digital Ally, Inc.

Digital Ally™ provides advanced video recording equipment proven to increase driver safety, provide real-time asset tracking and protect against fraudulent claims. Our products are simple to install, operate and maintain. Our FleetVu Suite provides customizable tracking and reporting with cloud storage to store & play back recorded videos in one total solution. With new, forward-looking products being designed constantly, Digital Ally™, Inc. strives to offer customers the solutions they need to capture the truth in situations where it matters the most. Our focus remains on protecting and serving those who have devoted themselves to doing the same for us vows Stanton E. Ross, Chief Executive Officer of Digital Ally™, Inc. That's what thousands have come to expect from us, and that's what we'll continue to deliver. 


  • DVM-250 Series | Event Recorder

    Digital Ally offers the DVM-250+ mirror that captures video evidence. You can customize your video recordings with up to eight cameras. Body cameras can also be integrated to amplify personnel safety. The DVM-250+ improves driver behavior, increases safety, and protects against fraudulent claims. Customizable reporting and storage is easily maintained through one software solution. Our products are installed and managed effortlessly to maximize your ROI.  

    More Information » www.digitalallyinc.com/inCarVideoComm.cfm

    DVM-250 Series | Event Recorder
  • FleetVu Suite | Management Software

    Digital Ally offers an exceptional telematics system to maximize your ROI. The FleetVu System can provide asset tracking, driver performance, automatic alerts, speed violations, vehicle performance and mapping, and instantly alert fleet managers after daily vehicle inspections via text or email. Configuration is customized and provides easy implementation of risk management policies. Discover which customized Fleet Vu Manager, Cloud, or Mobile system works best for you.

    More Information » www.digitalallyinc.com/softwareComm.cfm

    FleetVu Suite | Management Software



  • John Rumage

    VP of Commercial Sales
    Digital Ally, Inc
    Lenexa, Kansas

  • Hayden Knott

    Inside Sales Representative
    Digital Ally, Inc
    Lenexa, Kansas