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  • Workers Compensation

    Broadspire offers a comprehensive approach to workers compensation, liability, and disability and leave management. Our service model applies a standardized, streamlined and strategic process designed to shorten claim duration and reduce overall claim costs, while at the same time helping to ensure that your employees receive the support they need to enable a safe return to work. By combining web-based advanced software with our strategic plans of action, we quickly identify and counteract issues that delay claim closure.

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    Workers Compensation
  • Medical Management

    Our goal is to help provide the appropriate assistance for the worker on leave for a work-related absence or time away from work without incurring unnecessary costs. To do so, we employ a holistic approach to deliver the best care and resources possible for speedy recovery. By integrating evidence-based criteria, clinical expertise and advanced technology into the claims process, we can implement medical management cost saving services that generate better outcomes.

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    Medical Management
  • General Liability

    Broadspire offers services throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia. Our global presence means our representatives are well versed in regional laws and are available where they are needed.

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    General Liability
  • Auto Liability

    Managing auto liability claims can be challenging for any business. Broadspire’s claim services can help minimize the financial impact of cases associated with auto liability.

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    Auto Liability
  • Broadspire Care Management

    We know there are no simple solutions when making care decisions involving the elderly, disabled or chronically ill – but we can help make it easier. Broadspire Care Management aims to protect the interests of families with special needs or elderly individuals.

    You can contact Broadspire Care Management directly by calling 1-800-352-7359 or by visiting www.BroadspireCareManagement.com.

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    Broadspire Care Management
  • Disability and Leave Management

    We offer a full array of disability and leave management services designed to increase employee productivity and contain costs. Our professional medical management and claims personnel tailor plans that combine business sense with compassionate care. These capabilities are enhanced by our customer-friendly technology, consultative analytics and client advocacy program.

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    Disability and Leave Management
  • Total Property Solution

    Our 360-degree, customizable and configurable approach encompasses a broad range of property claim services and integrated solutions. Broadspire’s true global reach and client dedicated teams ensures your claims are handled with the best resources and expertise.

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    Total Property Solution