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AssetWorks LLC

Innovative Solutions. Accurate Valuations.

AssetWorks LLC

AssetWorks is a national valuation consulting firm providing property appraisal, property underwriting and supplemental loss control services to public entities of all sizes. We provide Construction Occupancy Protection Exposure (COPE) and secondary COPE data on real property and value contents and personal property.

AssetWorks believes that establishing initial values is important but that they key to a successful appraisal program is the ability to manage the data and consistently perpetuate all values on an annual or as needed basis. AMP, a comprehensive and user-friendly software solution from AssetWorks, offers a convenient, efficient, and secure method of tracking and reporting on property data, insurable values, licensed vehicles, and certificates of insurance.


  • Insurance Appraisal Services

    AssetWorks is uniquely qualified to provide property appraisals that achieve accurate insurance placement and act as a benchmark for proof-of-loss substantiation in the event of a loss. Our combination of valuation consultants and state of the art technology offers innovative, customized and cost effective services for initial and long-term solutions associated with property insurance and risk management.

    More Information » www.assetworks.com/risk/appraisal-services

  • Property Risk Management Software

    As an organization, being exposed to a variety of risks is inevitable. Which means, being prepared for the event of a risk occurance is critical. When it comes to managing property data for your organization or risk pool, the AMP Property Risk Management module from AssetWorks offers an innovative approach. By maintaining data about buildings and structures, property-in-the-open, fixed assets, and licensed vehicles, in a single, comprehensive database, AMP can help brige the gap between valuation results and valuation management.

    More Information » www.assetworks.com/risk/property-risk-software

  • Case Study: AMP Property Risk Management Software

    The South Carolina School Boards Insurance Trust (SCSBIT) provides insurance services to school districts throughout the State of  South Carolina. For its members, SCSBIT manages everything from policy issuance and the renewal process to  the marketing of the program and claims management. Learn how SCSBIT relies on AMP to manage over 3500 property listings.

    More Information » www.assetworks.com/resource-items/scsbit-casestudy...