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  • Absence Health and Productivity

    Companies today need to proactively focus on keeping their workforce productive and their disability workers' compensation costs down. Zurich's Absence, health and productivity services help customers do this.

    More Information » www.zurichna.com/en/prodsols/absence

  • Accident and Health

    Zurich's accident and health experts work with your business to design integrated insurance solutions for your workforce.

    More Information » www.zurichna.com/en/prodsols/ah

  • Captives

    Captive owners must diversify their captive programs’ risk portfolios while keeping compliance in mind. Assessing and understanding your global risk exposures can be challenging. Zurich's infrastructure allows us to keep up with regulations worldwide, and we have the expertise to tailor a captive solution best suited for your business.

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  • Casualty

    The potential for accident-related loss is a definitive risk your business faces. Protect your business with coverage that anticipates current and emerging risks. Zurich provides a broad spectrum of casualty-insurance solutions along with industry expertise that will help you mitigate risk.

    More Information » www.zurichna.com/en/prodsols/casualty

  • Environmental

    In today’s economy, investment in environmental compliance and responsibility is key to long-term growth. Zurich offers a variety of environmental insurance solutions to handle environmental liability issues and to instill practices that can help you improve efficiency and reliability.

    More Information » www.zurichna.com/en/prodsols/environmental

  • Life and Absence Management Solutions

    Today, a growing number of employers require cost-effective and comprehensive benefit solutions. Zurich can tailor a group employee benefit and absence management solution to meet the needs of the domestic and multinational employer.

    More Information » www.zurichna.com/en/prodsols/grouplife

  • International

    As your business enters new markets, it will encounter unfamiliar obstacles and unforeseen risk. Zurich organizes important coverages under one policy, making international coverage simple for even the largest corporations.

    More Information » www.zurichna.com/en/industries/international

  • Management Liability

    The management liability environment continues to evolve as a result of increased regulatory scrutiny and new emerging exposures. Directors and officers are tasked to take appropriate precautions to prevent and handle situations that could negatively affect business operations and protect shareholder value. Zurich’s management liability team offers solutions to the management liability exposures of public, private and non-profit organizations.

    More Information » www.zurichna.com/en/prodsols/management

  • Political Risk

    In the years since the global financial crisis, emerging market volatility has continued to grow. If you conduct operations, or sell into these markets, you need to prepare for the worst. Zurich, one of the political risk leaders, has the experience and global presence to work with you to identify global trends and political conditions that can indicate a region's stability.

    More Information » www.zurichna.com/en/prodsols/trade/politicalrisk

  • Professional Liability

    High-profile industries often attract risk associated with the services they provide. Take preventative action against professional-liability risk and maintain a positive public image. Zurich’s specialists can offer solutions for handling legal action and false claims for a broad range of professionals.

    More Information » www.zurichna.com/en/prodsols/professional

  • Property

    Based on the needs of your business – from mid-sized to multinational – we offer proprietary policies to help you meet your property insurance needs, including domestic property, global property, captive programs and equipment breakdown coverage. Your policy can be easily customized to address your coverage limit and deductibles.

    More Information » www.zurichna.com/en/prodsols/property

  • Security and Privacy

    Company data and intellectual property may be your business’s most valuable assets. Safeguard your company’s sensitive information with seamless strategies and integrated coverages. Zurich specialists are industry leaders in breach insurance protection and cyber risk management solutions.

    More Information » www.zurichna.com/en/industries/technology/secpriv

  • Strategic Risk Solutions

    Zurich's Strategic Risk Solutions Group (SRS) specializes in global integrated risk programs on a multi-year, multi-line basis. The benefits of integrated risk programs may include an optimized risk portfolio, lower administrative costs and greater contract certainty.

    More Information » www.zurichna.com/en/prodsols/srs

  • Surety

    Zurich expertise comes from our extensive network of regional underwriters who can assess your surety bond needs. Services such as the Zurich Surety Benchmarking Report – designed to be a window into your construction company’s financial performance – can help identify risk and opportunities to improve profitability.

    More Information » www.zurichna.com/en/prodsols/surety

  • Trade Credit

    n an effort to secure business development and financial security, global businesses seek alternatives for managing and mitigating the credit risks associated with their customer portfolios.

    More Information » www.zurichna.com/en/prodsols/trade/tradecredit

  • Umbrella

    Unforeseen incidents can happen, but knowing your business is covered helps to make them more manageable when they do. Our umbrella liability solution helps align your policies and reduce gap. When your company’s reputation is on the line, our professionals are ready to provide advice and prompt-response action.

    More Information » www.zurichna.com/en/prodsols/umbrella

  • Workers’ Compensation

    We know that workers' compensation is one of the most challenging risks to manage. It's heavily regulated, varies by state, cumbersome to administrate and can greatly impact your company's operations, productivity and profitability.

    More Information » www.zurichna.com/en/prodsols/workerscomp

  • Risk Engineering

    Business leaders need to stay up-to-date with evolving risk intelligence to more effectively manage their business. By collaborating with our risk specialists, you can gain the knowledge you need to manage your risk.

    More Information » www.zurichna.com/en/risk

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