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Backed by independently owned private investigation agencies from across the nation.


  • Vendor-to-company relationships

    Developed vendor relationships help improve productivity and efficiency. Invite your preferred investigation vendors to the platform and enjoy the benefits of managed contract administration. Share your best investigation providers’ profile with everyone in your company and keep tabs on their performance to make sure they continue to add value.

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    Vendor-to-company relationships
  • Grow your vendor panel

    Create new relationships with investigation vendors in less time. Easily solicit bids from investigation agencies to start new relationships with providers to strengthen coverage in any location. Review verified vendor fee schedules, W-9s, licensing information, liability insurance, and samples of work online for any vendor on the network. Rely on the platform to manage vendor qualification requirement at the case level.

    Grow your vendor panel
  • All documentation in one place

    A successful investigation requires collaboration through conversations that may not end up in the investigators final report. Complete your case file with logged chat messages, emails, and investigation updates. Save it all to the cloud for easy access to investigation reports and video, anytime.

    All documentation in one place
  • A Tool for Every Job

    The swiss army knife of PI vendor management, VenAssure is the only tool you need to manage investigators and investigations without sacrificing quality and control.

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    A Tool for Every Job



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