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  • Associate in Risk Management (ARM™)

    Earn ARM, the premier designation for all risk management professionals, to enhance your skills at building and implementing a balanced risk financing strategy.

    More Information » www.theinstitutes.org/program/associate-risk-manag...

  • NEW! Associate in Insurance Data Analytics (AIDA™)

    Accelerate your career by gaining knowledge of predictive modeling and big data for risk and insurance applications through the Associate in Insurance Data Analytics (AIDA) program. Through this program, you'll improve your understanding of advanced terminology and concepts to facilitate collaboration with data scientists in developing advanced analytical solutions.

    More Information » www.theinstitutes.org/guide/designations/associate...

  • Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU®)

    Meet the changes and challenges of a demanding risk management and insurance marketplace with confidence and professionalism by earning the CPCU designation.

    More Information » www.theinstitutes.org/guide/designations/chartered...

  • Associate in General Insurance (AINS®)

    Accelerate your career and gain a comprehensive knowledge of insurance principles, practices, policies, and coverages with the AINS designation.

    More Information » www.theinstitutes.org/guide/designations/associate...

  • Associate in Claims (AIC™)

    Reduce time and costs, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and avoid costly lawsuits with the AIC program.

    More Information » www.theinstitutes.org/guide/designations/associate...

  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM 57)

    Extend your knowledge of risk management beyond insurable risk with the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM 57) course.

    More Information » www.theinstitutes.org/course/enterprise-risk-manag...

  • Leadership Education

    Stand out within your organization and the risk management and property-casualty insurance industry through The Institutes’ Leadership Education.

    More Information » www.theinstitutes.org/guide/leadership-education?c...

  • Captive Insurance Fundamentals

    Learn the fundamental characteristics and benefits of captive insurance from a global perspective.

    More Information » www.theinstitutes.org/guide/captive-insurance-fund...

  • Managing Cyber Risk

    Stay ahead of cyber risk with new knowledge on how to mitigate cyber risk exposures and effectively respond to cyber threats.

    More Information » www.theinstitutes.org/guide/designations/cyber-ris...

  • Knowledge Assessments and Solutions

    The Institutes' Knowledge Assessments and Solutions tool can help organizations save thousands of hours and training budget dollars.

    More Information » www.theinstitutes.org/guide/knowledge-assessments-...