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As a company in business for more than 200 years, we understand what it means to be sustainable. We have helped people and businesses prepare for the unexpected, protect what is uniquely important to them, and prevail through life’s challenges and opportunities. We do this by delivering industry leading property and casualty insurance, group benefits and mutual funds to our customers, creating a diverse and inclusive culture for our employees, financial performance for our shareholders, and by engaging with and serving the communities in which we work and live.


  • Multinational

    For U.S. companies that do business in more than one country, every border introduces a whole new set of challenges. Laws, customs and language barriers can turn an insurance need or claim into a maze.

    To help you manage it all, our multinational products can provide coverage in over 150 countries with a single point of contact in the U.S. and the same high commitment to quality and customer service that you have come to expect from The Hartford. It’s borderless insurance, delivering one coordinated insurance program for every risk we cover. Helping you get past borders to a world of opportunities.

    More Information » www.thehartford.com/global-business-insurance

  • Construction

    Our underwriting specialists help businesses customize construction and contractors insurance solutions for midsize to large commercial construction projects. From highways and bridges to sports stadiums and hospitals, The Hartford offers customized contractor insurance and construction insurance solutions and an unwavering commitment to businesses in the field of construction. We recently expanded our offerings to include many more business types within the construction industry across an even wider geographic footprint.

    More Information » www.thehartford.com/business-insurance/constructio...

  • Risk Management Information System

    TREO. Track Risk. Explore Opportunities.SM


    TREO, a RMIS solution, designed to simplify claims management by:

    Enabling the power of data and analytics
    Creating transparency, highlighting proof points and identifying the root causes of cost drivers
    Allowing individual and portfolio claims management
    Letting you customize claims-trend tracking
    TREO facilitates the right balance of technology, people and time. The combined experience helps risk professionals focus their energy and resources on the right claim drivers to achieve a greater understanding of cause of loss and effectively lower loss costs.

    More Information » www.thehartford.com/commercial-insurance-agents/se...

  • Risk Engineering

    The Hartford’s risk engineering team provides loss control services designed to help businesses create the safest work environment possible for their employees. A safe work environment often leads to a more profitable business and our team helps evaluate businesses’ risk exposures, prepares them to handle a loss event, and trains their workforce in safety best practices.

    More Information » www.thehartford.com/loss-control

  • Marine

    The Hartford offers a broad range of marine coverage including ocean and inland marine, builders risk, warehouse and logistics, equipment rental, and contractors equipment. 

    More Information » www.thehartford.com/marine-insurance

  • Management & Professional Liability

    The Hartford offers comprehensive management and professional liability for small, midsize and large businesses. This includes Cyber Liability, Directors, Officers & Entity Liability (D&O), Employment Practices Liability (EPL), Fiduciary Liability, Crime (Fidelity/ERISA Bonds) and Kidnap/Extortion & Ransom coverage for public and private companies, nonprofit organizations, investment advisors, financial institutions and more.

    More Information » www.thehartford.com/management-professional-liabil...

  • Energy

    Energy companies are finding newer and more efficient ways to produce the energy we need. Whether you own a renewable energy company harvesting wind and solar power, a hydroelectric plant partnering with Mother Nature to produce electricity or a coal or natural gas company continuing to evolve production for efficiency and environmental interests, The Hartford is here to help protect you with insurance solutions designed to meet the distinctive risks your energy business faces.

    More Information » www.thehartford.com/energy-insurance

  • National Accounts

    When it comes to managing risk and controlling losses, large commercial businesses need customized risk management solutions to help reduce costs and improve claims outcomes. The Hartford’s National Accounts team is dedicated to doing just that.

    More Information » www.thehartford.com/risk-management-loss-sensitive...


  • Structuring Multinational Insurance Programs For The Middle Market

    Multinational insurance programs were once reserved for the largest of companies, those typically found in the Fortune 500 or Fortune 1000. But the world has become a much smaller place, and globalization is now a necessity for many small and mid- sized companiesto remain competitive. More »

    Structuring Multinational Insurance Prog...
  • A Spectrum of Coverage that Goes Far and Wide: Multinational Insurance

    Whether you need to cover employees traveling abroad or a whole overseas enterprise, The Hartford's Multinational Choice has you covered. More »

    A Spectrum of Coverage that Goes Far and...
  • Predictive Modeling Helps Improve Claim Outcomes

    For risk managers of large companies, managing the cost of workers' compensation is a top priority. Industry best practices help injured workers recover from their injuries and facilitate their return to work while reducing the overall cost of claims. But forward-thinking insurance companies and risk managers don't stop there. They continually seek new ways to improve outcomes. The Hartford is an industry leader in this regard and continuously experiment with innovative ways to manage claims cost down while providing best-in-class support to injured employees. More »

    Predictive Modeling Helps Improve Claim...
  • How to Prepare for a Cyber Attack: Creating a Cyber Response Plan

    Every business that uses the Internet is vulnerable to cyber crime. You may have taken every conceivable step to secure your network and determined cyber criminals will still find a way in. That’s why an incident response plan (IRP) is a critical component of your cyber security tool kit. When the inevitable occurs, an IRP helps you and your team respond quickly and effectively to contain the damage and minimize the costs. It could literally save your business. But an IRP by itself is not enough. In order to do what it’s intended to do, an IRP needs to be a living document with procedures that are tested and put into practice bef... More »

    How to Prepare for a Cyber Attack: Creat...


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