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Sword Active Risk and Active Risk Manager
Sword Active Risk makes risk management simple, valuable and personal. Sword Active Risk provides world-class risk management software that drives business performance by enhancing transparency and profitability at project, program and enterprise levels. Active Risk Manager (ARM) enables better-informed decisions, and the ability to use risk management to create competitive advantage.

Enterprise, Project & Program Risk Management
First launched in 2000, ARM helps organizations increase the ability to meet operational, project and corporate goals and objectives. ARM collects risk data at the point at which it is encountered – whether on a project, in operations or company-wide and consolidates it into one place, in real time. ARM provides a system to record all risk-related information within an organization and gives executives, risk professionals and project professionals a truly comprehensive and shared view of the organization’s risk, issues and opportunities, instantly available via dashboards, alerts and reports. This risk-based management information provides additional methods for the business to optimize its performance model in a way that is simply not possible with other systems or Excel spreadsheets.

Innovative User Interfaces
Active Risk Manager has different user interfaces based on the role of the participant in the risk process, providing the footprint necessary for the deployment of true enterprise wide risk management to every part of the business. This means that experts get the most powerful risk capability in the market, operational users have a light touch minimal interface to help collect data and complete their tasks quickly and easily.  ARM’s suite of user interfaces include; ARM Risk Performance Manager for communicating risk through dashboards and reports; ARM Core for Risk Professionals and; ARM Apps, which are web-based applets for task owners.

ARM Risk Express
The latest version ARM 8 introduces ARM Risk Express, an innovative new user interface designed specifically for risk owners. It is aimed at business and process owners who need a light touch yet fully featured software solution to help identify and manage risks that could negatively or positively impact their business performance.

As ARM Risk Express is fully integrated into the ARM Core platform, it maintains data integrity, and offers full governance and transparency. It delivers automated alerting for the proactive management of the controls, actions and fallback plans that are essential components for a risk aware culture. ARM Risk Express presents the user with risk information in an editable grid format, with dials and filters enabling them to update information quickly and easily within seconds.
ARM Risk Express is available cross-browser and runs on a range of devices from laptops to tablets and high security desktops. It is designed to replace spreadsheet-based risk registers that often proliferate in large organizations and, by their unmanageable nature, hinder the delivery of the benefits of enterprise risk management.

Integrated Audit Management
The ARM Audit Management module provides the capability for those organizations looking to integrate risk and assurance functions such as quality management, HSE and internal audit.

High Profile Users
Sword Active Risk is the enterprise risk software provider of choice for the world’s leading energy, infrastructure and defense projects. ARM is used by organizations such as the US Air Force, Bechtel, British Telecom, Crossrail, EADS, US Federal Aviation Administration, US Department of Homeland Security, Lockheed Martin, London Underground, Rio Tinto, Roche, Skanska and UK MOD to deliver their corporate goals and o