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RWH Myers Forensic Accountants

RWH Myers is an independent forensic accounting firm that works directly for policyholders to achieve optimum claim recovery.

RWH Myers Forensic Accountants

RWH Myers is a forensic accounting firm that specializes in the assessment, quantification and presentation of losses to insurers. Our objective is to relieve the time and resource burden on our clients while providing the expertise needed to achieve an equitable settlement creating a smoother process for all involved. We utilize our proprietary tools to enable forensic accounting efficiency and accuracy, while connecting multiple parties around the globe to help expedite claim settlement. Our services include:

  1. Insurance Claim Preparation

  • Business Interruption across all industry segments resulting from direct, contingent, service, cyber, supply chain, etc.
  • Property Damage, Extra Expense
  • Cyber Breach/Ransomware
  • Builder’s Risk and Construction Audits
  • Product Recall and Product Liability
  • Fidelity / Employee Dishonesty
  • Event cancellation and more...

  2. Business Interruption Values & Exposures

  3. Litigation Support

We are RWH Myers—a team of experienced, independent and specialized forensic accounting professionals armed with powerful tools, delivering BIG results.

Forensic Accounting You Can Trust!


  • Insurance Claim Preparation - Loss Accounting

    Property Damage, Business Interruption, Extra Expense, Cyber, Product Recall, Builders Risk and Employee Dishonesty claims have one thing in common- they all require accurate measurment, detailed documentation and claim process accumen. Experience and expertise are essential to a fast and fair recovery, so selecting the right partner is vital. Claim preparation forensic acounting requires a working knowledge of insurance, critical thinking and a good instincts. When it's done right, you will be made whole just as insurance recovery is intended. When done wrong, you will settle for less than you deserve.

    RWH Myers works by engagement on a time and expense basis. Our fees are eligible for cover under Professional Fees Coverage or similar for claim preparation. Because we are independent, i.e. not affiliated with insurance companies or insurance brokers, RWH Myers' work product is free from conflicts of interest.

    We devote our entire practice to loss accounting for policy...
    More Information » www.rwhmyers.com/what-we-do/claim-preparation-and-...

    Insurance Claim Preparation - Loss Accou...
  • Business Interruption Values and Exposures

    If you are like most companies, the annual ritual of filling out the business interruption worksheet is a nuisance administrative task. The worksheet is generally required by the insurance company to track changes in the business and may be used as the basis to price your program. Along with general industry knowledge, this worksheet may be the most important item that underwriters have at their disposal to price your risk. However, the worksheet is woefully inadequate to explain the intricacies of most businesses and is biased to err on the high side – which usually means a higher premium for you. For a routine that is regularly glossed over, the results can have some pretty substantial consequences.

    There is a better way and we can help!

    You need to supplement the ratable BI value with information to differentiate your business from the pack. Developing realistic, worst-case loss scenarios, known as maximum foreseeable loss (MFL) and probable maximum loss (PML)...
    More Information » www.rwhmyers.com/business-interruption-values-beyo...

    Business Interruption Values and Exposur...


  • Cyber Business Interruption By: Jeff Esper, National Director, Marketing & Business Development, RWH Myers

    Managing Cyber Exposures from the Inside Out Many companies are perplexed by trying to understanding their cyber exposures. They may understand the risk and the potential impact of a breach, but they simply don’t know how to measure the total exposure to the bottom line. More »

    Cyber Business Interruption
  • Checklist to Prepare for Business Interruption By: Christopher Hess, CPA, Partner, RWH Myers

    Learn how to prepare for Business Interruption losses by understanding the critical factors that lead to improved coverage and optimal claims outcomes. More »

    Checklist to Prepare for Business Interr...
  • International Claims Fallacy By: Christopher Hess, CPA, Partner, RWH Myers

    Resolving international claims does not require an international claim preparation presence. In this Insights Brief, we'll address the common concerns policyholders have regarding international claims and reveal what is actually required to getting the job done, quickly and correctly. More »

    International Claims Fallacy
  • Learn how to improve your BI Values! By: Christopher Hess, CPA, Partner, RWH Myers and Jeff Esper, National Director, Marketing & Business Development, RWH Myers

    If you have concerns about the BI Values that you've been reporting at renewal, this Insights Brief will explain where many policyholders are lead astray and how to get the numbers better reflect your exposure. More »

    Learn how to improve your BI Values!
  • COVID-19 Business Interruption Guide By: Jeff Esper, National Director, Marketing & Business Development, RWH Myers

    Business interruption, also referred to as lost profits, is affecting some industries harder than others, and the remedy to these losses are as uncertain as the pandemic itself. Loss recovery may be available or disputed through first party commercial insurance policies or some form of legislative relief. While affected organizations look for answers, we advise you to act now to document and track all of your losses. The Partners at RWH Myers have assembled a comprehensive guide to help you understand the impact to your operations and begin to document your losses. Visit our site to get a copy of the guide! More »

    COVID-19 Business Interruption Guide
  • What's in Your Claim? By: Jeff Esper, National Director, Marketing & Business Development, RWH Myers

    Are you looking for expert help preparing your property damage & business interruption claim? Whether you had a flood, a fire or any other covered peril, hiring a skilled claim preparation firm will make the process smoother and result in a fair and timely claim resolution. More »

    What's in Your Claim?
  • Hurricane Claim Response By: Jeff Esper, National Director, Marketing & Business Development, RWH Myers

    Tips to prepare for hurricane related insurance claims from the partners of RWH Myers. More »

    Hurricane Claim Response
  • Understanding Your Percentage Deductible By: Jeff Esper, National Director, Marketing & Business Development, RWH Myers

    RWH Myers is a forensic accounting firm that specilaizes in assisting policyholders with claim quantification after a loss. In a typical claim, your deductible should be pretty straightforward, but if you have a CAT claim with percentage deductibles, understanding your deductible can be a daunting task. A common misconception is that the percentage applies to the loss sustained when in fact the percentage deductible is a factor of the total insured value (TIV). The challenge with this method is that it’s variable depending on the size of your loss and your policy language. In this article, we explain what you need to know before and aft... More »

    Understanding Your Percentage Deductible
  • Thinking Through a Business Interruption Loss By: Jeff Esper, National Director, Marketing & Business Development, RWH Myers

    Business Interruption coverage is intended to reimburse the policyholder for the income lost or incremental increase of expenses experienced during the loss period. Though the application of this coverage seems straightforward on the surface, making a claim for business interruption is far from simple. In this article, we’ll walk you through what is covered under business interruption and how to think through a BI claim. More »

    Thinking Through a Business Interruption...
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