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The Owner and President of Roanoke Valley Claims Service (RVCS), Charles Witt, came to the company after many years in the Insurance Industry. Charles became involved in the claims industry in Houston Texas in 1983, as an Independent Claims Adjuster. In 1986 Charles moved over to the carrier side and has served in every position from General Adjuster, Supervisor, Litigation Manager, and Claims Manager to Claims Vice President for Domestic, Regional and National Insurance Carriers. Along the way Charles also earned the Society of Claim Law Associates ( SCLA) designation, Associate in Claims (AIC) designation and the Associate in Insurance Services (AIS) designation.

In 2007 Charles formed Court Enterprises, Inc. (CEI) with the intention of starting an independent adjusting company from scratch or purchasing an existing company that could meet his strict quality and customer service criteria. In September of 2007 CEI purchased the assets and trade name of Roanoke Valley Claim Service lnc. . The only changes to the new company, Court Enterprises, Inc. dba Roanoke Valley Claims Service, were at the management level. All of the technical personnel remained with the new company guaranteeing continuity of quality service.

Since the purchase in 2007, RVCS has expanded to included 15 service areas in Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee.

The Daily Claims operation of RVCS includes a very experienced staff of adjusters, handling both Personal and Commercial lines Property and Casualty losses including Workers Compensation loss time and no loss time claims. RVCS also maintains a dynamic in-house appraisal staff specializing in Auto Physical Damages claims, Mechanical inspections, Heavy Equipment/Tractor Trailer damage claims, Cargo losses and Salvage Disposition.

RVCS blends the experience, hands on claims handling and judgment of its claim staff with cutting edge technology to ensure timely, accurate and customer centric claims handling which is then presented to you, our client, in a format that is most effectively integrated into your claim system.

Each carrier is different and has different needs and philosophies. At RVCS we don t TELL what we will give you, we don t take the cookie cutter approach. We ask you what your specific needs are. Then we work together to give it to you.

We invite you to continue your tour of our website and decide for your self of the value and service RVCS can provide to you.

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  • Charles Witt

    Roanoke Valley Claims Service
    Roanoke, Virginia