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About Redhand Advisors

Redhand Advisors, a risk management technology consulting firm, offers expertise in a broad range of risk technology solutions, advising organizations on how to best use technology to manage risk and maximize their investment in technology in the areas of risk, insurance and health IT. The firm works directly with organizations that use the technology as well as the providers that deliver the technology solutions. Redhand specializes in helping organizations improve outcomes through information management and technology.

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Why Redhand Advisors

Redhand is uniquely qualified to best support your project goals and objectives. Our experience in the RiskTech marketplace combined with our ongoing working relationships with the top providers in the industry will ensure that you are best positioned to succeed. Our primary role is to provide objective and unbiased subject matter expertise and assist you in understanding what is achievable with the system and solutions that are available in the marketplace.

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  • Needs Assessment

    We work with your organization and stakeholders to identify your current and future business requirements from both a functional and technical perspective and develop a robust Business Requirements Document (BRD) and Solution Roadmap that can be used as a blueprint for the vendor selection, solution implementation and rollout.

    Needs Assessment
  • System Selection

    We help your organization identify, evaluate, and short-list vendors and solution options and assist you with the RFP development, evaluation and vendor selection process, while providing you with the needed insights to make informed decisions about building an in-house software solution or purchasing a commercially-available or SaaS product to fulfil your business needs.

    System Selection
  • Implementation

    We help your organization plan and implement your chosen software solution. With our expert implementation and project management services, we can either oversee the entire implementation phase or support you through the implementation of the software solution.


  • Solution Diagnostic

    Our solution diagnostic is workshop driven and process oriented. The end objective is to identify solutions for current pain points. These solutions could be addressed by new features, processes or organization improvements or simply better ways to utilize/optimize your solution.

    Solution Diagnostic
  • Solution Alignment/Optimization

    Our solution alignment process focuses on maximizing the benefits to be achieved through implementation of the selected solution. The end objective is to clearly define and prioritize the technical and functional requirements, address how each will be met, and outline the scope of the initial implementation.

    Solution Alignment/Optimization