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Treated Fairly


  • Healthcare Professional Liability Insurance

    Hospitals and large healthcare organizations face an escalating array of challenges—with increased risk. ProAssurance understands the environment you face and is dedicated to making it easier to secure flexible, customized solutions for your unique organization’s evolving needs. You can gain more control over your professional liability program and the potential for significant savings. Choose to be treated fairly.

  • Alternate Risk Solutions

    Your large risk program with at least $500,000 in premium may be ideally suited for more leading-edge solutions. New options provide you with a potential return on investment for sharing appropriate risk—along with more control and ease. ProAssurance’s spectrum-of-risk solutions help you elevate your program to new levels of sophistication while positioning for further growth. You can count on our experienced professionals to listen, understand your concerns, and develop coverage and services tailored to unique needs. We make insurance simpler while treating you fairly.

  • Healthcare Risk Resources

    Patient safety plays a crucial role in building a successful healthcare liability insurance program for your local or national healthcare delivery. No matter the size or scope of your facility, ProAssurance’s experienced Risk Resources Advisors can help you reduce risk while saving you time and money—which is only fair.

  • Cyber Risk

    With patient trust critical to your organization, you must act quickly when data breaches occur—and to the letter of the law. ProAssurance hospital, facility, physician and surgeon admitted policies include CyberAssurance coverage at no additional cost to help cover costs when healthcare business data is breached, whatever the format.* When your hospital or healthcare facility has a claim, you get professional assistance with what must be done, how, and when. We provide this enhanced coverage to help give you more control and lessen daily uncertainties.


    *For complete terms and conditions, see ProAssurance policy endorsement PRA-HF-700 (hospitals), or PRA-HF-701 (facilities)

  • Worker's Compensation Insurance

    Eastern Alliance Insurance Group (EAIG), a wholly-owned subsidiary of ProAssurance Corporation, offers a full range of workers’ compensation products tailored to meet your needs. EAIG’s fresh outlook helps you achieve better outcomes. For more information, visit eains.com.

  • Products Liability Insurance for Life Sciences and Medical Devices

    Medmarc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ProAssurance Corporation, is your one-stop-shop for products liability insurance solutions for manufacturers and distributors of medical technology and life science products. For more information, visit Medmarc.com.

  • Lawyer Professional Liability Insurance

    Medmarc also provides professional liability insurance for attorneys and law firms through its LawyerCare program. For more information, call 800.292.1036.

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