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  • Risk Evaluation/Loss Control

    We provide risk evaluations for Workers Compensation, Property, General Liability, Products Liability, Fleet and Marine policies. Our quality control procedures guarantee that each report is reviewed for technical accuracy to verify that: 1) major risks have been identified; 2) control methods for exposures have been evaluated; and 3) appropriate recommendations comply with applicable standards.

    NJ's basic workers compensation evaluation includes an on-site survey and narrative report detailing operations, exposures, controls and recommendations. NJ's comprehensive report includes additional analysis of loss history, large losses, potential exposures, and an account evaluation with respect to current loss control programs along with management training and consultation.

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    Risk Evaluation/Loss Control
  • HPR And F&EC

    NJ’s dedicated staff of qualified fire protection engineering specialists helps evaluate and test fire suppression systems, sprinkler alarm systems and water flow calculations. Services include but are not limited to underwriting evaluations, new construction specifications, plan reviews, consultations and detailed loss prevention reports.
    Property reports focus on building construction, occupancy and adequacy of fire protection and protection against dust, flammable liquids/chemicals. Building and roof structural weakness are identified and evaluated against water leaks and/or collapse. Sprinkler system designs, water flow alarm tests and ITV’s are also reviewed.

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    HPR And F&EC
  • Arc Flasch

    Our Professional Engineers are qualified and experienced in
    performing power system modeling and studies for existing
    systems. Studies include Short Circuit Calculations, Arc Flash
    Calculations and Co-ordination studies of new and existing
    electrical power distribution complying to IEEE 1584 and the latest NFPA 70E.

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    Arc Flasch
  • Boiler And Machinery

    Our Boiler Machinery and Pressure Vessel Professionals conduct on-site inspections of pressure vessels, refrigeration systems, heating and air conditioning systems, pumps and compressors, power generating plants, refineries and engines under steam pressure.
    Boiler & Pressure vessel manufacturing, repair, maintenance and operating codes are reviewed and guidance and instruction as to what code applies and the requirements of the code is provided under special agreement with insurers.
    General consultation in ASME and NBIC codes are offered.

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    Boiler And Machinery
  • Environmental Health

    NJ & Associates, Inc. will help you comply with Federal and State regulations by preparing site safety plans, monitoring air, soil and/or water, training employees to respond to emergencies or to properly handle hazardous substances, and by providing remediation assistance when necessary.

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    Environmental Health
  • Industrial Hygiene

    Let NJ take the guesswork out of health hazard evaluation.
    The list of toxic and hazardous substances in OSHA's 1910 Subpart Z is very long and detailed. The only way to know if an air contaminant is above or below the OSHA limit is through air sampling according to the appropriate NIOSH methods with equipment that has been properly calibrated.
    OSHA cites risks as a result of employee complaints concerning health hazards. OSHA fines increased seven fold in March 1991, and OSHA can legally cite you for each employee exposed! Avoid costly penalties and find out if you have a health problem in advance of an OSHA inspection. Call NJ & Associates, Inc. for industrial hygiene surveys.

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    Industrial Hygiene
  • Premium Audit

    With the changes in the Insurance Industry, we provide quality assured, cost contained, and timely Premium Audit Services to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements as well as your company's specific.

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    Premium Audit
  • Professional Placement

    NJ rounds' em up in nothing flat.
    Our search for top notch personnel includes 

    • Safety Professionals
    • Industrial Hygienists
    • Loss Control Representatives
    • Risk Managers
    • Claims Adjusters
    • Occupational Medical Specialists
    • Underwriters
    • Actuaries
    • Environmental Engineers
    • Defense Attorneys

    Our broad-based industrial experience helps us meet your expectations.


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    Professional Placement
  • Safety Engineering Analysis and Design

    NJ & Associates, Inc. provides comprehensive support services to improve employee safety and health, including:

    • Environmental Engineering Services
    • Ergonomic analysis and work station redesign
    • Fire protection system design
    • Handicapped access or redesigning accommodations
    • Life Safety Code compliance
    • Local exhaust and general dilution ventilation systems for control of air contaminants
    • Machine guarding design
    • Noise reduction through physical controls

    More Information » www.njassociates.com/safetyanalysis.html

    Safety Engineering Analysis and Design
  • Safety Specialties

    Consultation site safety services - NJ is on-call for all your needs. We can:

    • Provide job site safety services through construction safety specialists for the duration of the job, or periodically to conduct audits or risk evaluations

    • Prepare construction safety program plans for submission with bids.

    • Evaluate plans for compliance with applicable fire protection, Life Safety and Americans with Disabilities design requirements.

    • Train construction supervisors and safety representatives concerning federal safety and health standards.

    • Provide job safety training and apprentice safety information that complies with OSHA requirements.

    • Translate safety rule books, bulletins, toolbox talks, or accident information into Spanish.

    • Assist employers to abate hazards identified by regulatory agencies.

    • Analyze loss history and research options for positive means of preventing serious in...
    More Information » www.njassociates.com/safetyspecialties.html

    Safety Specialties
  • Technical Translation

    We offer accurate technical translations for safety and health programs, procedures, and training materials completed by trained safety professionals.

    More Information » www.njassociates.com/technicaltranslation.html

    Technical Translation
  • Environmental Management Systems

    Improve your environmental performance while enhancing your environmental compliance. Prevent pollution, practice resource conservation, decrease risks to work environment, improve safety, and enhance image to regulators, the public, lenders or investors. NJ Associates' professionals can assist you in planning, developing, implementing, maintaining and sustaining your customized Environmental Management System.

    More Information » www.njassociates.com/environmentalmanagmentsystems...

    Environmental Management Systems
  • Energy Management Systems (EnMS)

    As energy consumption and costs rise each year, reversing that trend is vital for an organization to meet its needs and mission goals. NJ Associates, Inc. can assist you in meeting all your energy goals

    More Information » www.njassociates.com/energymanagementsystems.html

    Energy Management Systems (EnMS)
  • Safety Training

    Our courses in various aspects of worker safety and health were developed and field tested by Certified Safety Professionals.  They satisfy State requirements and comply with OSHA Standards.

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    Safety Training



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