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JW Software, Inc. is a privately held company dedicated to providing the best claims management software since 1989, the start of the Information Age. The FileHandler Claims Management System was released over 25 years ago and has become the gold standard in the risk management software industry. FileHandler, the flagship claims management software, and PolicyHandler, a complete Workers’ Compensation Policy Management System, have evolved to develop a comprehensive web-based software solution for insurance companies to effectively manage policies and insurance claims.


  • FileHandler

    FileHandler is a browser-based claims administration tool designed to help manage multiple lines of business including Workers Comp, Auto, Liability, and Property.

    FileHandler functionality includes robust security, detailed policy info, note, diary, email, as well as litigation and subrogation screens. A full payment module includes vendor maintenance, payment entry, optional custom checks, and bank account reconciliation. FileHandler integrates with MS Word for user defined correspondence.

    Business rules allow organizations to custom design workflows through a series of trigger events improving productivity. The custom screen development tool allows users to create screens that integrate seamlessly into the FileHandler system. The billing module renders clients the capability to bill their files by a flat fee or T&E as well as tracking receivables within the system.

    Different levels of customization are available to further meet business requirements...
    More Information » jwsoftware.com/filehandler

  • PolicyHandler

    PolicyHandler is a web-based, Workers’ Compensation Policy Management System designed to support all phases of the policy lifecycle: application processing, issuance, commissions, billing, audits, cancellations and reinstatements.

    The system provides a customizable rating engine supporting jurisdictional algorithms and offers importation of rate tables for yearly rate changes.

    PolicyHandler can produce multiple quotes per application based on different workers’ compensation plans. Logical functionality streamlines the quote-to-issuance workflow, results in increased production and shorter turn-around time frames. Step-by-step interface captures data related to the quote with the system storing multiple versions of submissions for copying of data.

    Business Rules Engine automates the renewal process for user-defined workflows and routing rules for policies. Policies requiring review may be automatically routed to underwriting staff to verify eligi...
    More Information » jwsoftware.com/policyhandler