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Medical cost and care management solutions workers compensation payers


Conduent's Workers Compensation business unit provides financial control solutions and decision support tools for workers compensation payers. We deliver tailored end-to-end solutions for claim intake; clinical intervention and case management; utilization review; medical bill review and repricing; PPO and specialty network management; payment processing; predictive modeling and analytics. Our solutions are implemented by leading insurance companies, third-party administrators, managed care companies and self-insured employers.


  • Medical Bill Review

    Workers comp medical costs are expected to climb as high as 70% over the next several years. Your medical bill review program needs to deliver the highest accuracy and intelligence to make sure your organization is not missing any opportunity to elevate performance. Whether you need to strengthen your existing program, tighten compliance, or expand your visibility to improve savings and outcomes, our bill review software and service experts will work with you to deliver innovation and bottom-line results.

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    Medical Bill Review
  • Clinical Services

    One cornerstone to the safe and rapid return to work for injured employees is candid communication between the employer, the employee and treating providers. Our medical cost and care management experts can help you set a proactive strategy for successful return-to-work outcomes.

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    Clinical Services
  • Document Imaging and Workflow

    When it comes to workers compensation services, many companies prefer a bundled solution, where one partner can deliver several services instead of just one. In medical bill review, where complex imaging work has to be completed with accuracy, at light speed, and data seamlessly integrated with multiple applications, having an end to end solution provider makes perfect sense. We possess an unbeatable blend of expertise in bill and data intake that we leverage for your program's efficiency and performance.

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    Document Imaging and Workflow
  • Cost Containment Analytics

    At Conduent, we treat our data like the asset it is. Our data repository contains line-level detail for over 100 million medical procedures captured from the more than 30 million medical bills we process annually on our medical bill review platform.
    Additionally, we have treatment outcome information from more than 2 million utilization requests as well as data collected from over 1 million point-in-time financial calculations.

    The truth is, nobody has more workers’ compensation data than we do. A databaseof current and historical data, always within reach that we can de-identify and intelligently mine for real knowledge, so you can make better decisions.

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    Cost Containment Analytics



  • Tad Kilburn

    Vice President, Sales
    Conduent - Workers' Compensation Services
    Lexington, Kentucky