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Chubb North America

Chubb is the world's largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company.


  • Insurance for Businesses

    Chubb provides insurance for a diverse range of business clients:

    • Multinational corporations, local businesses, public entities, small-to-medium enterprises, not-for-profits, and other organizations with property and casualty exposures
    • Companies and affinity groups looking to provide accident and health insurance programs and life insurance to their employees or members
    • Insurers seeking reinsurance coverage
    • Retail and wholesale brokers and agents seeking both admitted and excess and surplus lines insurance coverage for their clients

    More Information » www.chubb.com/us-en/business-insurance

    Insurance for Businesses
  • Insurance for Individuals and Families

    Chubb provides a broad array of offerings directly to you or through sponsors in select regions of the world:

    • Accidental death insurance
    • Automobile insurance
    • Coverage for laptop computers, mobile phones and other small electronics
    • Identity theft protection
    • Income protection
    • Life insurance protection and savings products
    • Prescription drug
    • Recreational marine
    • Personal accident and sickness insurance to help pay expenses if income is lost as a result of an accident or illness
    • Supplemental medical insurance
    • Medicare supplemental insurance
    • Traditional life insurance protection and investment and savings products
    • Travel accident and vacation insurance
    • Residential products to cover your home and personal belongings including a house, apartment and/or condominium, and personal liability for property owners, landlords and tenants

    More Information » www.chubb.com/us-en/individuals-families

    Insurance for Individuals and Families
  • Chubb Cyber Index

    Chubb introduces a new interactive tool to help you gain insight you can use today to protect your company tomorrow. The Chubb Cyber Index provides you real-time access to our proprietary data, giving you insight into current cyber threats in a wide range of industries.

    More Information » chubbcyberindex.com

    Chubb Cyber Index
  • Global Services

    Businesses of any size can be faced with complex, interconnected risks when running a global operation. Our Global Services team delivers commercial insurance services and solutions for clients of all sizes to help support their worldwide insurance programs.

    More Information » www.chubb.com/microsites/rims/global-services.aspx

    Global Services
  • Healthcare Risk Solutions

    As the healthcare sector undergoes rapid change, it continues to face unique risk exposures. We understand these changes and offer a wide range of liability products specific to the healthcare industry.

    More Information » www.chubb.com/microsites/chubb-healthcare-solution...

    Healthcare Risk Solutions
  • Cyber Risk Management

    The threat of cyber attacks is large and growing, costing companies and individuals trillions of dollars each year. Chubb has industry-leading experience and expertise to help you reduce the cyber risks you and your business face.

    More Information » www.chubb.com/microsites/chubb-cyber-microsite

    Cyber Risk Management
  • Surety

    In a marketplace characterized by fierce competition, ever-tighter profit margins, and heightened bank scrutiny on lines of credit and construction loans, it’s reassuring to know you have a solid, dependable surety provider that will be there when you need it.

    More Information » www.chubb.com/us-en/business-insurance/surety.aspx

  • Homebuilders Builders Risk

    Designed for residential contractors, Homebuilders Builders Risk coverage protects all sizes of homebuilders – from community developers to regional builders and single family dwellings. Tailor your coverage to your individual exposures and location, whether it be flood, earthquake, or named windstorm.

    More Information » www.chubb.com/us-en/business-insurance/homebuilder...

    Homebuilders Builders Risk