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  • Workers Compensation

    From years of experience, we’ve learned that sharing common goals to reduce workers compensation costs provides visible benefits to our clients, and we have developed an innovative approach to help businesses harness escalating workers compensation costs.

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    Workers Compensation
  • Auto and General Liability

    ESIS’ experienced professionals are experienced and trained in the discipline of casualty claims management. We understand that these types of claims can be costly and have the potential to impact your company’s reputation and professional standing. As such, we have developed a distinctive architecture and maintain a sharp focus on timely and cost-effective resolution of claims. Perhaps most important, we maintain ongoing and productive dialogue with our clients to ensure we continue to meet their unique program and service requirements.

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    Auto and General Liability
  • Global Claim Service

    Benefits of Working with ESIS Global Claims

    • A “true” global TPA
    • One source for US and global claims
    • Centralized program oversight
    • Experienced ESIS account executives
    • Dedicated adjusters in 12 ESIS hubs serving 70 countries
    • ESIS best practices; coordinated and consistent claims handling
    • Data analytics to monitor and measure outcomes
    • Flexible program structures; customized to each client’s unique needs

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    Global Claim Service
  • ESIS Catastrophe services

    ESIS has a wide range of experience working with companies in many industries. We have responded to events of all sizes, from those with limited geographic impact, to larger events resulting in significant damage to surrounding communities. We have responded to many types of incidents, including chemical and environmental losses, explosions, fires, spills, and recalls.

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    ESIS Catastrophe services
  • Medical Programs


    • High quality and appropriate medical care
    • Timely and appropriate sharing of claims and medical information
    • Reduced cost
    • Prompt payments
    • Timely and appropriate return to work

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    Medical Programs
  • Technology Solutions

    Information fuels informed decisions. ESIS’ leading-edge technologies receive high marks from risk managers who demand accurate, reliable, timely information and count on ESIS’ professionals to leverage technology to deliver results.

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    Technology Solutions
  • Special Investigation Unit

    We concentrate on investigating suspicious claims, providing fraud awareness training to our offices and clients while maintaining compliance with governmental regulatory agencies.

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    Special Investigation Unit
  • Litigation Management

    We believe in proactive claims handling and seek to avoid claim litigation whenever possible. In those cases where litigation is unavoidable, we take a comprehensive approach designed to help control legal expenses and the direction of files in suit.

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    Litigation Management
  • Recovery Services


    • Auto - Property - Inland Marine
    • Bonding
    • Workers Compensation Subrogation

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