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Medcor, Inc.

Worksite Health & Wellness Clinics, 24/7 Injury Triage, Employee Screening Services, Safety Services

Medcor, Inc.

Medcor helps employers reduce their workers compensation and general health claims frequency and costs. Medcor provides:


  • 24/7 injury triage and reporting for worksites of any size.
  • Worksite clinics with services ranging from RN to PA's & NP's and MD's treating employees and dependents.
  • On-site safety staff & services.
  • Drug testing, background screening, and employment physical exams.


Medcor's unique model offers:


  • No conflicts of interest with referrals, prescriptions, or claims.
  • Complete transparency; no hidden fees.
  • Portability. Medcor's services are compatible with any insurance, broker or TPA program.
  • High Customer Satisfaction. Employers see lower costs. Employees report high satisfaction. Instant reporting. Secure data on-line.


Web Site: www.medcor.com 



  • Curtis Smith
    Curtis Smith

    Executive Vice President
    Medcor, Inc.
    McHenry, Illinois