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Old Republic General Insurance Group

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Old Republic General Insurance Group

The General Insurance Group is the largest business segment within the Old Republic Insurance Group and specializes in the property & casualty marketplace. Each company focuses on a select segment, offering specialized insurance coverages or specializing by industries. This is our competitive advantage. While collectively we offer a full suite of risk management and insurance solutions, our expertise in unique industry segments is unsurpassed.

We serve large corporations with complex risks, small and mid-sized companies, and consumers with home and auto warranty offerings. No matter which Old Republic General Insurance Group company you deal with, we all operate with the same core values and tradition of delivering on our promises.

Get to know us and you will see we are an organization that values partnership and long-term relationships. We have the right solutions to manage your risk—and everything we do demonstrates our commitment to exceeding our clients' expectations. Old Republic General Insurance Group offers a wide variety of property & casualty insurance coverages and related services, and our parent company, Old Republic International Corporation, is one of the nation's 50 largest publicly held insurance organizations.


Subsidiary Name Address Country
BITCO Insurance Companies 3700 Market Square Circle Davenport, Iowa 52807 United States
Great West Casualty Company 1100 W. 29th Street South Sioux City, Nebraska 68776 United States
Old Republic Aerospace 1990 Vaughn Road Kennesaw, Georgia 30144 United States
Old Republic Contractors Insurance Group 225 South Lake Avenue, Suite 900 Pasadena, California 91101 United States
Old Republic Home Protection P.O. Box 5017 San Ramon, California 94583 United States
Old Republic Insured Automotive Services 8282 South Memorial Drive, Suite 202 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133 United States
Old Republic Professional Liability 191 North Wacker Drive, Suite 100 Chicago, Illinois 60606 United States
Old Republic Risk Management 445 S. Moorland Rd., Suite 300 Brookfield, Wisconsin 53005 United States
Old Republic Specialty Insurance Underwriters 790 Township Line Road, Suite 230 Yardley, Pennsylvania 19067 United States
Old Republic Surety 445 S. Moorland Road, Suite 200 Brookfield, Wisconsin 53005 United States
ORMARKS 400 2nd Avenue South Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401-2499 United States
PMA Companies 380 Sentry Parkway, PO Box 3031 Blue Bell, Pennsylvania 19422 United States

  • What We Offer Clients


    • large, mid-sized, and small


    • nonprofits, public entities, and education


    • home and auto warranty offerings


    Specialty Coverages

    • Aviation – Hull, Liability, Workers’ Compensation
    • Bonds
    • Cargo
    • Commercial Auto
    • Commercial Package
    • Commercial Property
    • Contractual Liability
    • Insurance (CLIP)
    • Cyber
    • Directors &
    • Officers Liability
    • Fiduciary Liability
    • Guaranteed Asset Protect
    • Home Warranty
    • Inland Marine
    • Lawyers Professional
    • LiabilityManagement Liability
    • Miscellaneous
    • Professional Liability
    • Occupational Accident
    • Umbrella
    • Vehicle Service
    • Contracts (VSC)
    • Workers’ Compens...
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    What We Offer Clients

  • Are Your Remote Workers Equipped with the Right Tools to be Successful?

    More and more companies are implementing a telecommuting policy. This trend is becoming more prevalent in the insurance industry. More »

    Are Your Remote Workers Equipped with th...
  • The Five Golden Rules of Home Staging on a Budget by Old Republic Home Protection

    On average, people receive $2 in increased sale price for every $1 they put into staging a home." With a 100% return on investment, spending a little cash staging your next home is a no-brainer! More »

    The Five Golden Rules of Home Staging on...
  • Managing Stress by Great West Casualty Company

    Stress can manifest itself in many ways and negatively affect your mood, body, and behavior. Read the information below about the symptoms of stress to see if any apply to you. More »

    Managing Stress by Great West Casualty C...
  • Aggressive Driving by Great West Casualty Company

    Aggressive driving puts you and others at risk of serious injury or death. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), aggressive driving occurs when an individual commits a combination of moving traffic offenses that endangers other persons or property. Speeding, tailgating, erratic lane changes, and failing to obey traffic signs are just a few unsafe driving behaviors that can escalate to road rage or cause a crash. Read the information below, and ask yourself how you can improve your driving style. More »

    Aggressive Driving by Great West Casualt...
  • The Financial Impact of Losses by Great West Casualty Company

    Measuring the financial impact of a loss cannot be underestimated by motor carriers, especially those with narrow profit margins. Typically in the trucking industry, each motor carrier relies on the loss runs provided by the insurer to gauge the severity of claims, but these numbers do not paint a complete picture of the loss impact on operations or the company’s bottom line. More »

    The Financial Impact of Losses by Great...
  • Are you Encouraging Your Employees to be Safe at Work? by PMA Companies

    Having a safe work environment is one of many top priorities of any organization. It is the responsibility of the employer to empower their employees to operate safely on the job. More »

    Are you Encouraging Your Employees to be...
  • Low-Tech Marketing Tricks for the Digital Age by Old Republic Home Protection

    Even in the current #RealEstateclimate, which is dominated by technology, some old fashioned techniques still prove quite effective. Take your marketing to the next level with these ultra-simple strategies. More »

    Low-Tech Marketing Tricks for the Digita...
  • Three Ways Blockchain Technology Will Revolutionize Real Estate in 2019 by Old Republic Home Protection

    Blockchain is one of the biggest buzzwords in technology today... How can this tech change the #RealEstateindustry? Find out below!” More »

    Three Ways Blockchain Technology Will Re...
  • Achieve Safety Excellence Through Teamwork by Great West Casualty Company

    Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, Inc., was once asked if he played a musical instrument. He replied, “No, I don’t play an instrument. I conduct an orchestra.” The orchestra he referred to was his company, now the largest tech company in the world. A number of factors contributed to the success of Mr. Jobs and Apple, but one characteristic that stands out is teamwork. From senior leadership down to every line employee, it took a coordinated effort for Apple to achieve its performance goals, and, equally important, maintain them. More »

    Achieve Safety Excellence Through Teamwo...
  • Top 5 Ways Insurers are Using Data to Drive Positive Claims Outcomes

    Claims costs are rising with the increasing complexity of the workers’ compensation landscape. Claims professionals are confronted with the challenges presented by this complexity and strive to manage their claims portfolios to achieve positive outcomes for injured workers and employers alike. More »

    Top 5 Ways Insurers are Using Data to Dr...
  • Top 5 Things to Consider: Workers' Comp Clams

    Handling workers’ compensation claims is detailed and complex. From start to finish, there are many factors to consider. With all of the details and steps involved in submitting, investigating and adjudicating workers’ comp claims, it can be challenging for employers to understand the nuances of the claim and the jurisdiction. More »

    Top 5 Things to Consider: Workers' Comp...
  • Claims Reviews - What You Should Expect from Your Claims Team

    An effective claims review meeting should engage key participants in strategizing about how to best resolve claims and return injured workers to their jobs. A successful meeting should focus on the following key items: assessing the current state of your claim, identifying next steps to move forward, and collaborating to resolve the issue and close the file. More »

    Claims Reviews - What You Should Expect...
  • Make Your Safety Training Memorable

    A boring driver meeting or orientation class is frustrating for both the trainer and the trainees. Making safety training memorable is important for two reasons: retention and morale. Motor carriers conduct safety training first and foremost because they care about their employees and want them to be safe. More »

    Make Your Safety Training Memorable
  • Transitioning from Fixed Cost to Loss Sensitive: Retrospective Rating Plans are a Great Option

    Retrospective (Retro) rating insurance plans can have many advantages for employers. They are a hybrid risk financing plan in which an organization buys insurance subject to a rating formula that adjusts the premium after the end of the policy period based on the insured organization’s actual losses during the policy period. More »

    Transitioning from Fixed Cost to Loss Se...
  • Considering a large deductible program? Learn the details here! by PMA Companies

    A large deductible program can have many benefits for an employer and works like a traditional guaranteed cost plan with a special deductible endorsement. It is designed for large employers that have the capacity to shoulder some risk and be responsible for a portion of their losses. More »

    Considering a large deductible program?...
  • Matching a Client and Carrier: What you Should Know by PMA Companies

    Before starting any business partnership or relationship, it’s important to ensure that each party understands one another’s needs. This is especially true in the insurance industry where there are three parties engaged in the insurance process. It’s essential that brokers have a thorough understanding of a client’s business as a whole in order to effectively match them with a carrier. More »

    Matching a Client and Carrier: What you...
  • Preventing Work Zone Crashes by Great West Casualty Company

    With the increase in the volume of traffic, number of vehicle miles traveled, and deteriorating infrastructure, road construction is a year-round occurrence. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), there were 514 fatalities in work zone crashes in 2010. More »

    Preventing Work Zone Crashes by Great We...
  • It's a Bird. It's a Plane. It's a ... by Old Republic Risk Management

    The sky is getting more crowded these days and it’s not due to the summer travel season. We are sharing our airspace with the now ubiquitous Unmanned Aircraft Systems, generally referred to as drones. These drones can be seen all across the United States flying, hovering, and circling in cities, parks, rural areas, and just about anywhere there is open sky. More »

    It's a Bird. It's a Plane. It's a ... by...

    Out-of-service enforcement for electronic logging device (ELD) violations began on April 1, 2018, and drivers may be experiencing the effects of the change already. Read on to learn about the ELD-related items that state and local law enforcement safety officials will check according to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA). More »

  • Road Construction by Great West Casualty Company

    Summer driving presents many challenging conditions for drivers. Avoiding potential losses requires drivers to recognize the hazards that can lead to a vehicle crash, know the defense, and react properly. Read the information below and ask yourself how you can improve your driving style in any of the hazard categories. More »

    Road Construction by Great West Casualty...
  • Addressing Cyber Liability Through General Liability Policies

    A nightmare scenario for many executives is being the victim of a cyber crime. Once hackers have infiltrated your networks, they may have access to your trade secrets, customer data, and other proprietary information. More »

    Addressing Cyber Liability Through Gener...
  • Pattern Driving

    Every driver has a pattern of driving. These patterns, or habits, can be good or bad, or more precisely, safe or unsafe. A driver who integrates safety into all of his/her driving decisions, regardless of the environment, has established a pattern of behavior that reduces the risk of a crash. More »

    Pattern Driving
  • Three Wellness Tips for Truck Drivers

    Truck driving does not typically lend itself to a healthy lifestyle. Spending up to 11 hours behind the wheel, frequently eating fast food, and rarely exercising could eventually jeopardize a trucker’s job if he/she can’t pass the Department of Transportation’s required physical exam. Drivers must be alert and focused when on public roads, which begins with leading a healthy lifestyle. More »

    Three Wellness Tips for Truck Drivers
  • The Aging Workforce: Implications for Employers

    Workers aged 45 and older account for an increasing share of the US workforce. Employment by workers aged 45-54 has grown moderately, while workers aged 55-64 has grown steadily. With these trends expected to continue, do older workers’ injuries tend to be more severe than those of younger workers, and if so, what strategies can be used to reduce the cost of Workers’ Compensation claims for the older worker? More »

    The Aging Workforce: Implications for Em...
  • Ask The Truck Underwriter: Can I Get an Exception for a Driver Who Doesn't Have an Acceptable MVR?

    Good drivers are hard to find; can I get an exception for a driver who doesn't have an acceptable MVR? With concerns about the driver shortage, to get a truck moving again, it can be tempting to consider younger, less-experienced drivers or those with a history of crashes or violations. However, hiring at-risk drivers puts a motor carrier in a bad position. More »

    Ask The Truck Underwriter: Can I Get an...
  • Operations Role in Avoiding ELD Issues

    Electronic logging devices (ELDs) are here. Operations staff play an integral role in helping drivers plan efficiently and schedule their time to operate within the boundaries of the hours-of-service regulations. More »

    Operations Role in Avoiding ELD Issues
  • Monitoring Drivers for At Risk Behavior

    According to a 2014 study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the average cost of all large truck crashes is approximately $91,000 per crash. That amount can increase exponentially if injuries and fatalities are involved. More »

    Monitoring Drivers for At Risk Behavior
  • Ask the Safety Rep: How Do the New Drug Testing Changes Affect Employers?

    On January 1, 2018, the final rule went into effect amending 49 CFR Part 40. The DOT announced several revisions, most notably the addition of hydrocodone, hydromorphone, oxymorphone, and oxycodone to its drug-testing panel, as well as methylenedioxyamphetamine as an initial test analyte. More »

    Ask the Safety Rep: How Do the New Drug...
  • Disaster Planning: Plan and Protect Your Future

    Is your organization prepared for a disaster or an emergency? Organizations who have a plan in place may recover more quickly, whereas others may shut their doors permanently after a short disruption to their business. More »

    Disaster Planning: Plan and Protect Your...
  • Post Traumatic Growth

    Every motor carrier operates in a challenging environment that exposes it to the risk of a catastrophic loss. Serious injuries, loss of life, and high-dollar claims are just one crash away. Yet, even with this awareness, many motor carriers are ill-prepared for what follows that dreaded phone call informing them that one of their drivers has been involved in a critical crash. More »

    Post Traumatic Growth
  • Spring Driving Hazards

    Drastic weather changes, increased traffic, and the temptation to get out and get moving are springtime hazards drivers must prepare for. Drivers must be able to recognize these hazards and apply the right defenses. More »

    Spring Driving Hazards
  • Preventing Losses Through Regulatory Compliance

    Those working in the transportation industry might rank regulatory compliance as their least favorite thing to do, right up there with getting a crown at the dentist, but like it or not, motor carriers must comply with the regulatory requirements to which they are subject. More »

    Preventing Losses Through Regulatory Com...
  • Loss Sensitive Plans — What You Need to Know

    Loss sensitive plans give an insured the opportunity to have their premium costs more closely tied to their own loss experience. These plans have specific terminology that is used to describe their components. More »

    Loss Sensitive Plans — What You Need t...
  • Do You Speak the Language of Loss Sensitive Plans?

    In order to suggest the proper insurance product to fit the risk tolerance appetite of a diverse set of clients, you must understand the full spectrum of alternative risk plans that are available in the marketplace. The spectrum is as follows: guaranteed cost, retrospective rating plans, deductible plans, self-insurance, and captives. Factors that need to be considered when determining the best plan for your client include an understanding of their business objectives and the amount of risk they are willing to shoulder. We’d like to start by highlighting guaranteed cost plans and then proceed with key points surrounding loss sensitive p... More »

    Do You Speak the Language of Loss Sensit...
  • What is Captive Insurance and why should I consider it?

    Workers’ compensation insurance, as well as other types of commercial liability coverage, has traditionally been delivered through two distinct policy types – guaranteed cost and loss sensitive. Each policy type has potential benefits and challenges, depending on the insured’s specific situation. In addition to these traditional options, some companies with the financial capacity to do so have made the decision to avoid the insurance marketplace altogether and self-insure. While this may be an attractive option for some organizations, it is beyond the reach of most middle market companies. As customers’ needs have evol... More »

    What is Captive Insurance and why should...
  • Ask the Safety Rep: What Is The New Drug and Alcohol Testing Rule For Motor Carriers Who Lease Drivers From a Staffing Agency?

    From Great West Casualty Company - What is the new drug and alcohol testing rule for motor carriers who lease drivers from a staffing agency? The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published a notice of enforcement guidance on December 23, 2016, which went into effect immediately. The guidance states, “A motor carrier that leases one or more CDL drivers from a driver staffing agency is responsible for ensuring that each leased driver is participating in a compliant DOT drug and alcohol testing program. More »

    Ask the Safety Rep: What Is The New Drug...
  • 5 Elements of an Effective Post-Injury Management Process

    From PMA Companies - What if an organization’s most valuable resource – an employee – gets injured on the job? Typically, the answer is “they go out on workers’ comp.” However, while employee wellbeing is of the utmost importance, employers don’t always prepare for and manage these incidents with the rigor and vigilance necessary to safely return the employee to work as quickly as is responsible. An effective post-injury management process can help resolve problems quickly, preventing long-term health issues and helping injured workers return to work safely and quickly. More »

    5 Elements of an Effective Post-Injury M...
  • What a CIO Wants You to Know about Workers' Compensation Data Analytics

    From PMA Companies - In this issue, Mr. Chandler examines the overall impact of data analytics in workers’ compensation, the emergence of predictive modeling and the future of workers’ compensation data analytics. More »

    What a CIO Wants You to Know about Worke...
  • Captive Series: Large Deductible Programs

    From Old Republic Risk Management - First, it’s important to understand the mechanics of a large deductible program. With this approach, Old Republic Insurance Company issues Workers’ Compensation, Auto Liability and General Liability policies that contain large, per claim deductibles to our insured, and responds to claims on the same basis as policies with no deductibles. More »

    Captive Series: Large Deductible Program...
  • Captive Series: What’s a Captive Anyway?

    From Old Republic Risk Management - Old Republic Risk Management’s roots, from its founding over 30 years ago, are deeply seated in creating fronted primary casualty programs for the captives of large companies who wished to retain and actively manage their predictable losses. Before the advent of large deductible programs and their national acceptance, a captive insurance company with a front from an admitted insurer was the only available alternative to true self-insurance. More »

    Captive Series: What’s a Captive Anywa...
  • Leadership's Role In Addressing Driver Distractions

    From Great West Casualty Company - Distractions, both inside the cab and out, are competing for the driver’s attention behind the wheel and increasing the risk of a crash. These distractions, in turn, expose motor carriers to potentially catastrophic losses involving personnel, equipment, revenue, and third-party liability claims. More »

    Leadership's Role In Addressing Driver D...
  • Motor Carrier Filings

    From Old Republic Risk Management - In order to operate as a licensed motor carrier in interstate commerce (across state lines), the motor carrier is required to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), a sub agency of the U.S. Department of Transportation. Motor carriers operating within state boundaries (intrastate carriers), must register with state authorities. More »

    Motor Carrier Filings
  • Workers’ Compensation Data Analytics: Why Stewardships Matter to Your Workers' Compensation Program

    From PMA Companies - In this issue, we examine the role of data analytics in identifying longer-term trends and developing strategies to improve workers’ compensation program performance. These trends and recommendations are often presented to employers by insurance companies and Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) in annual stewardship reports. These reports tell the story of an employer’s workers’ compensation performance during the prior year(s). More »

    Workers’ Compensation Data Analytics:...
  • Preserving the Crash Scene

    Great West Casualty Company - Preserving the crash scene and documenting the facts surrounding the incident can play an important role in minimizing the severity of a loss and proving where the fault lies. Because crash scenes can be chaotic, Great West Casualty Company provides its insureds with free crash reporting kits to help drivers manage the scene and document what happened. Be sure to report all crashes immediately, from the scene of the crash if at all practical. Here is a brief overview of the steps covered in the crash reporting kit. More »

    Preserving the Crash Scene
  • Recruiting vs. Retention: How to Keep Your Best Truck Drivers

    From Great West Casualty Company - One topic that rears its head during conversations with insureds is the challenge of finding qualified applicants for the fleet. The costs associated with recruiting, orientating, and placing an applicant behind the wheel has been estimated at upwards of $5,000 per driver. With many fleets seeing turnover rates approaching 100% annually, the recruiting budget can quickly add up to a large portion of your annual expenditures. More »

    Recruiting vs. Retention: How to Keep Yo...
  • Going from Moment to Momentum

    From Great West Casualty Company - How does a company go from that “Ah-ha!” moment where they are all jazzed up about a new idea that will revolutionize the company to actually making it happen? This conundrum is common in the realm of safety especially when a company realizes what it needs to do, like instilling a culture that values safety, but then does not know how to achieve it. Those “Ah-ha!” moments can be fleeting if one does not act swiftly and purposely to build momentum and make their idea a reality. More »

    Going from Moment to Momentum
  • Visually Clearing Intersections

    From Great West Casualty Company - Intersections can pose a serious risk to professional truck drivers. Besides the movement of vehicle traffic in every direction, drivers must contend with the unpredictable, like jaywalkers, bike riders, and countless other hazards. For these reasons, drivers must be extra vigilant when approaching an intersection. More »

    Visually Clearing Intersections
  • Workers’ Compensation Data Analytics: Optimizing Claims and Managed Care Outcomes

    From PMA Companies - Post-loss data analytics helps insurance companies/Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) take action by providing insights that can be used to more effectively monitor the progress of claims and identify opportunities to accelerate recoveries. Effective use of data can also point to issues that impede a claim’s progress, such as ineffective treatment, treatment not aligned with clinical guidelines, and plateaus in patient recoveries. More »

    Workers’ Compensation Data Analytics:...
  • 3 Keys to Improving Outcomes for Employee Wellness Programs

    From PMA Companies - Interested in learning how to increase the likelihood of success for your organization? Here are 3 key factors for improving employee health and lowering workers’ compensation costs through employee wellness programs. More »

    3 Keys to Improving Outcomes for Employe...
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