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York Risk Services Group, Inc.

Experienced Claims and Risk Management Specialists. Let Us Customize A Solution For You.


  • Claims Management

    At York, everything we do is focused on creating greater value by driving down your overall cost of risk and delivering a superior claims experience.

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    Claims Management
  • Auto Liability

    York offers claims management services for all classes of commercial auto risks with a special emphasis on buses, trucking (long- and short-haul), auto dealerships, auto rental companies, moving and storage, and state commercial auto residual plans (CAIP).

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    Auto Liability
  • General Liability

    We handle all types of general liability claims, including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, construction defect, pollution liability and site-specific pollution liability. Our liability teams are the key to our success, and include seasoned claim specialists, attorneys, engineers, doctors and former law enforcement professionals.

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    General Liability
  • Property

    Our property adjusters average 31 years experience, which means they are experts in accurately interpreting coverage, managing complex, layered programs and determining the cause and origin of losses, enabling you to recover what you are entitled to.

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  • Workers' Compensation

    Today, managing the cost of a workers’ compensation claim is less about managing the claim and more about managing the medical costs. We believe that our integrated claims and managed care solution delivers the best way to understand and manage workers’ compensation claim costs.

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    Workers' Compensation
  • Environmental

    Our environment and energy claims team consist of seasoned clams professionals, many with law degrees.

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  • Product Liability

    We handle the most challenging product liability claims, from class action suits to recalls, to deliver the most advantageous outcomes for clients.

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    Product Liability
  • Inland Marine & Ocean Marine

    We handle claims and manage risk for most lines of ocean marine and inland marine business, including contractors’ equipment, equipment floaters, builders’ risk, commercial output policy (COP) and fine arts.

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    Inland Marine & Ocean Marine
  • Professional Liability

    YorkPro’s team of experts has the legal and claims expertise to manage complicated and costly professional and management liability claims.

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    Professional Liability
  • Return to Work

    The longer an injured employee is off work, the less the chance he or she will return to work, and the greater the impact that absence has on your organization.

    York’s Right Return SolutionsTM get injured employees back to productive status faster to reduce the cost and duration of workers’ compensation claims and the overall impact of employee absence on your organization’s productivity.

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    Return to Work
  • Program Design/Administration

    Right Return Solutions can assist you in developing return-to-work policies and procedures that work for your organization. In partnership with your human resources and management teams we can help you identify and resolve any barriers to bringing employees back to work as quickly as possible.

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    Program Design/Administration
  • Transitional Work Services

    Once an employee is medically stable, our team will match them with a light duty or transitional work assignment that allows them to return to productive status safety and as soon as it is medically possible. As part of our individualized solution for each employee, we’ll work directly with the medical providers, employee and manager to ensure a safe, successful return to work.

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    Transitional Work Services
  • Job Analysis/Functional Job Assessments

    Our rehabilitation professionals will provide quantitative and qualitative assessments of the essential functions of each job. The assessment include physical job demands for each task and incorporate Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) terminology so that any transitional duty assignments we develop are ADA compliant.

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    Job Analysis/Functional Job Assessments
  • Case Management Services

    Case Managers are usually considered to be part of the managed care or claims management team, but they play an integral role in the success of a transitional duty program. Case managers help manage treatment to reduce claim costs and lost work days, and ensure the injured worker is receiving high-quality, effective care.

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    Case Management Services
  • Team Comp

    Injured workers can’t return to work until their progress towards recovery allows them to assume at least modified or transitional duties. TeamComp helps managed care and claims management professionals guide the employee on the best clinical path for recovery, which helps employees recover sooner. This in turn allows them to move into a transitional duty program faster.

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    Team Comp
  • Modified Duty Off-Site Services (MDOS)

    Modified Duty Off-Site (MDOS) is a unique alternative to traditional return-to-work programs. Working with area non-profit agencies, we provide volunteer placements for employees with temporary restrictions who are not able to return to their original job.

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    Modified Duty Off-Site Services (MDOS)
  • Return To Work Coordination

    An effective transitional duty program depends not just on the individual components of the program but on a consistent, focused process that keeps all parties focused on helping the employee recover and return to productive status. That’s why Right Return Solutions includes an array of services that can keep your program operating at peak efficiency.

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    Return To Work Coordination
  • Vocational Evaluation and Job Search Services

    Some employees’ injuries prevent them from returning to their workplace in any capacity, even light duty or transitional assignments. But they still want to work and their employer still need to manage the ongoing costs of their workers’ compensation claims.

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    Vocational Evaluation and Job Search Ser...
  • Managed Care

    Unlike other TPAs, York offers a wholly owned and fully integrated suite of managed care tools and services. This means that we bring a single, powerful solution to workers’ compensation claims to deliver the best outcomes for injured workers and our clients. Our claims adjusters and on-staff clinical experts work hand-in-hand to facilitate quality care and superior results.

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    Managed Care
  • Utilization Review

    Our approach to Utilization Review ensures that injured workers receive care that is timely, appropriate, cost-effective and medically necessary.

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    Utilization Review
  • Medical Case Management

    Our case managers provide the right level of intervention and management at the right time to ensure that care is coordinated and expedited, that the best medical options are chosen, that costs are managed effectively.

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    Medical Case Management
  • Medical Bill Review

    We combine sophisticated bill review algorithms with the expertise of credentialled billing analysts and nurses to deliver the greatest savings — up to 75% — with the greatest accuracy.

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    Medical Bill Review
  • Provider Networks

    Our providers understand not only the complexities of treating workplace injuries and illnesses, but that the ultimate goal is to return the injured employee to work as quickly as possible.

    More Information » yorkrsg.com/managed-care/provider-networks

    Provider Networks
  • Absence Management

    We help people get back to work and business reduce lost productivity; our customized, streamlined FMLA and absence management solution ensures compliance with all applicable absence and reporting laws.

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    Absence Management
  • Specialized Markets

    While other TPAs may specialize on lines of business and/or take a one-size-fits-all approach, we have configured our infrastructure specifically to respond to our six customer segments. We are the only TPA that offers each of target customer groups a dedicated division.

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    Specialized Markets
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