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Workfinders USA

Loss Mitigation through Aggressive Return-to-Work


  • Return to Work Sevices for Permanently Restricted Workers' Compensation claims

    Return to Work is our primary focus as we feel it is a critical phase during a workers' compensation claim. We work with claimants, post-MMI, with permanent physical restrictions and assist them to find suitable, alternate employment.

    Many of our competitors simply provide job leads to the claimant or job seeking skills, expecting the claimant to follow through with employers and land a job. We all know this NEVER happens!

    Our aggressive approach of cold calling employers, advocating restrictions and scheduling actual job interviews gives claimants the best chance to succeed while allowing us to supply the best Vocational/Return to Work services possible to our clients. Our process also tests claimants' motivation to Return to Work, a crucial step that our compeition fails to do. If noncompliance is present, instead of continuously holding the claimant's hand, we look to expose said noncompliance and bu...
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    Return to Work Sevices for Permanently R...
  • Return-to-Work for Longshore & Harbor (LHWCA) claims

    Our aggressive RTW model fits perfectly with LHWCA claims. For every claim we perform a Labor Market Survey as well as schedule interviews for your claimant. We source jobs that prove that alternate suitable employer exists and that a viable wage earning capacity exists. Our process for LHWCA claims is below:


    Explanation of Workfinders USA’s Return-to-Work Services
       LHWCA Claims

    1. LABOR MARKET SURVEY – For every claim we will create a LMS, proving job market availability and earning capacity. We look to source five open, viable and suitable jobs as close to AWW as possible. All LMSs are double-verified by our CRC/VE (Certified Rehab Counselor/Voc. Expert).

    2. JOB ANALYSIS’ – When requested, our CRC/VE will conduct job analysis’ for any/all jobs sourced

    3. PERMANENT JOB SOURCING/PLACEMENT – We will also source up to three face-to-face job interv...
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    Return-to-Work for Longshore & Harbor (L...
  • Return-to-Work for Transitional claims

    Our Transitional RTW program follows the same aggressive princlples as our other RTW programs. We make it a priority to help your claimants find modified work until they are able to return to their former jobs. We keep the worker engaged throughout the process. Below is an explanation of our process:


    Explanation of Workfinders USA’s Return to Work Program
     Transitional Duty Workers’ Compensation Claims


    1. CONDUCT CLAIMANT QUESTIONNAIRE – Our Transitional Case Manager will contact claimant (or attorney if represented) to schedule/conduct telephonic questionnaire within 24 hours of referral.

    2. COLD-CALL EMPLOYERS/CHARITIES – We contact our network of employers and charities via telephone, looking for volunteer job openings. We look for 10-20 hours a week.

    3. SPEAK TO HIRING MANAGERS - We speak to hiring managers to ask about possible openin...
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    Return-to-Work for Transitional claims
  • Labor Market Surveys

    Stop waiting over a month to receive a Labor Market Survey. We complete them within two weeks!

    Labor Market Surveys
  • Expert Testimony

    Our fully qualified, licensed counselors have years of experience testifying and giving depositions. Our counselors' experience coupled with our exceptional documentation supplies our clients with ultimate confidence heading into court.

    Expert Testimony