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Simplifying Insurance Adminstration


Let Solartis streamline every aspect

of your insurance activities.


  • Solartis Risk and Policy Manager

    Solartis Risk and Policy Manager™ is an excellent alternative to RMIS and Policy Administration Systems. It Combines the Policy Functionality of both systems (plus more) into one cost effective Cloud System 


    1:  Easily organize and administer all your insurance information (policies, claims, covered participants)

    2:  Produce and / or store all your insurance policies and their life cycle transactions

    3:  Allocate premium contributions accurately & electronically to covered participants

    4:  Produce all needed insurance reports; quickly, easily, & accurately

    5:   Effectively collaborate with colleagues on a single platform

    6.   Seamlessly integrate with your downstream systems and services

    More Information » www.solartis.com/solartis-risk-policy-manager

    Solartis Risk and Policy Manager
  • Solartis Administer

    Solartis team members work side by side with your adminstrative staff. Our goal is to free up your staff from time consuming administrative activities. We are experienced in every task associated with Risk Management and Policy Administration.

    1:  Eliminate the backlog
    2:  Spend more time on Risk Management, Customer service, Strategic activities
    3:  Issue insurance documents accurately and immediately
    4:  Eliminate employee turnover problems
    5:  Reduce administrative costs

    More Information » www.solartis.com/solartis-administer

    Solartis Administer



    Solartis is proud to have received the rating of "Excellent" as part of Dave Tweedy's 2015 RMIS Review for Advisen LTD. Check it out for yourself here. More »

  • The Value of Accurate, Complete, and Up-to-Date Data in your RIMS

    Inaccurate, incomplete missing risk and policy data is a major issue for risk managers. Chasing down data consumes valuable time and money. It can also result in an organization paying too much for insurance coverage—or paying too little and not adequately covering their risks. This white paper explores how a new generation of risk management information systems (RMIS) is empowering organizations to take control of their data and focus on strategic initiatives to reduce total cost of risk (TCOR). More »

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  • Simplifying the Task Of Allocating Insurance Premiums

    Allocating portions of overall insurance policies to the covered participants is one of the risk manager’s most critical responsibilities. There’s a simple theory behind this process—that those who need or use the insurance the most should cover the highest share of the costs. However, once you get into the details, the task becomes much more complicated. More »

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  • Internally Selling the Need for a New RMIS

    Implementing a modern risk management information system (RMIS) can deliver a significant return on investment (ROI) for organizations with distributed assets and numerous complex risks. However, demonstrating this ROI and convincing company leaders to support a new system implementation is typically a challenge for risk managers. This white paper examines the two most common factors that impede RMIS adoption—and a revolutionary new business model that is breaking down these barriers and empowering risk managers nationwide to take a more strategic approach to managing total cost of risk (TCOR). More »

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  • Solartis Risk and Policy Manager Cloud-Based Benefits

    Demonstrating the ROI of a risk management information system (RMIS) is typically a challenge for risk managers due to high fixed costs. However, cloud-based technologies are disrupting the RMIS market by offering significantly lower upfront costs and operating expenses. More »

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