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About Optum for Workers’ Compensation
Healthcare Solutions, Helios and their subsidiaries, as Optum companies, collaborate with our clients to deliver value beyond transactional savings while helping ensure injured workers receive safe and effective clinical care. Our innovative and comprehensive medical cost management programs include pharmacy benefit management, ancillary benefit management, managed care services, and settlement solutions.

Optum and its respective marks are trademarks of Optum, Inc. All other brand or product names are trademarks or registered marks of their respective owners. Because we are continuously improving our products and services, Optum reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice. Optum is an equal opportunity employer.

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  • Looking Into the 2016 Political Horizon

    A new political year is rolling in on the heels of a tumultuous and hectic 2015. The workers' compensation industry is being tugged from opposite ends, while set against the backdrop of a potentially caustic election cycle at both national and state levels. This paper discusses what we foresee on the 2016 political horizon. More »

    Looking Into the 2016 Political Horizon
  • Moving beyond opioid analgesics

    As previously run in WorkCompWire While many people are aware of the risks of misuse, abuse, addiction and even overdose that accompany the use of opioid analgesics, not everyone understands the profound affects they can have on nearly every body system. Last summer you met Anne, a 45-year old woman who injured her back at work. Over the course of her claim, Anne experienced many adverse side effects as a result of using opioid analgesics. She also became addicted to her medications. This lengthened the duration of and added significant financial costs to her claim. More significantly, the medication side effects and ensuing addiction disrupt... More »

    Moving beyond opioid analgesics
  • 2016 Optum Pharmacy Resource Guide
  • Trends Shaping Workers' Compensation

    Annually, we share insight on a variety of trends shaping workers’ compensation pharmacy benefit management. A first look at 2015 indicates average wholesale price (AWP) inflation, compounded medications and opioid analgesics prevail as key factors affecting claim outcomes. Analysis also continues to demonstrate that by working together with stakeholders throughout the system, we can make a positive difference for our clients and the injured workers we serve. More »

    Trends Shaping Workers' Compensation


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