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At Navigant, we represent policyholders in the analysis of losses and preparation of complex insurance claims including business interruption, property damage, delay-in-startup, product recall, employee dishonesty, construction defects, as well cyber and political risks.  Our experts also assist clients with the analysis of insurable values for exposure, coverage and limits decisions. Regarding legal matters, our experts can help provide litigation support and expert testimony for lost profits, commercial disputes and forensic accounting matters.   


  • Claims Consulting

    Navigant assists clients with gathering, organizing, and analyzing financial and operational information, for the purpose of quantifying claims for insurance and other purposes for a wide range of potential property/casualty events.  Assistance may include:
    • Documenting and supporting out of pocket expenses and categorizing according to policy provisions
    • Evaluating and determining time element losses
    • Evaluating covered and non-covered claims being made by third parties
    • Assisting with subrogation, litigation, and/or providing expert testimony

    Property Claims – Navigant assists clients with the preparation and evaluation of claims as a result of traditional property events, including fires, floods, earthquakes, named storms, etc.  This includes contingent losses as a result of damage to property of others, ingress/egress, and service interruption.

    Product Liability / Product Recall Claims – Navigant assists...

    Claims Consulting

  • Insurable Values Consulting

    A rapidly changing insurance marketplace is requiring policyholders and insurers alike to more carefully evaluate the risks of potential loss events and the cost of transferring that risk. Additionally, underwriters are demanding more information and detailed calculated values in conjunction with the initial placement and renewal process for business interruption and property insurance programs. Navigant can provide the guidance and expertise required to address the challenges of risk quantification for various purposes. The results of our insurable values studies have enabled our clients to report more accurate values to users of that inform... More »

    Insurable Values Consulting
  • Planning for Your Business Interruption Loss

    Unfortunately many businesses suffer from business interruption losses due to fires, tornados, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and a number of other causes. The aftermath can be very traumatic, confusing and stressful. Much of this stress can be alleviated by thinking about a potential disaster before it occurs, and then planning a response as if the event were eminent. Planning for a business interruption includes thinking about the type of records that must be gathered immediately in order to submit a successful insurance claim. It also means thinking about decisions that will need to be made immediately following an event in order to get... More »

    Planning for Your Business Interruption...
  • Forensic Accounting & Claims Consulting

    Unexpected events can negatively impact companies in nearly any industry on any given day. These events range from the catastrophic, such as fires and natural disasters, to the obscure, such as a cyber breach or employee theft. When these events occur, it is critical that losses are recovered when possible and operations return to normal quickly. This requires a team of professionals with the proper qualifications to address the complexities in the claims process, allowing company management to focus on its core business, minimizing the impact on operations and profitability. Navigant’s Forensic Accounting & Claims Consulting team... More »

    Forensic Accounting & Claims Consult...
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