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Liberty Mutual Insurance

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Liberty Mutual Insurance

At Liberty Mutual Insurance, we help our customers embrace today in order to confidently pursue tomorrow. Every day, we work hard to understand the challenges our customers face, so we can help them protect, build, and invest in their businesses and future.

On Liberty Mutual Viewpoint™, explore key issues and emerging trends facing your business and review insights to help you prepare for them. With more than a century of experience, we can help you keep your employees, customers, and business safe and moving forward. 

To learn more about how Liberty Mutual can tailor insurance coverages to help protect your business, visit our website or talk to your independent agent or broker.


  • The Top 10 Causes of Disabling Injuries on the Job

    The cost of serious workplace injuries continues to rise, with disabling injuries costing businesses more than $58 billion per year. Learn more with the 2018 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index. More »

    The Top 10 Causes of Disabling Injuries...
  • Commercial Auto Insurance Trends in 2018

    Commercial auto claim frequency and severity are continuing to rise and businesses are attempting to take a proactive approach to better protect their employees, fleets, and bottom lines. More »

    Commercial Auto Insurance Trends in 2018
  • Managing Risk in a Changing Landscape

    The business, political, and legal landscape continues to shift, presenting both opportunities and risks for employers. More »

    Managing Risk in a Changing Landscape
  • Addressing Your Total Cost of Risk

    Premium is just a fraction of the cost - which is why identifying the complex risk management issues that drive the rest of your loss costs and helps your business and your bottom line. More »

    Addressing Your Total Cost of Risk
  • Risk Trends for the Healthcare Industry

    The healthcare industry presents unique exposures that impact both patient and employee safety. Understand how certain exposures can impact your bottom line, productivity, and safety. More »

    Risk Trends for the Healthcare Industry
  • Risk Trends for Public Entities

    Local municipalities and schools are often at the heart of every community. Explore new trends that affect the reputation and safety of local residents, students, faculty, and staff. More »

    Risk Trends for Public Entities
  • Risk Trends for Construction

    Gain insight into the emerging trends and biggest drivers affecting the construction industry--particularly when dealing with large, complex risks. Learn how to better position your business and help lower your total cost of risk costs. More »

    Risk Trends for Construction


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