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  • Fixed Asset Management Insurance Appraisal Services

    Duff & Phelps helps clients with accounting, controlling and managing their real and personal property assets. Structured fixed asset inventory and reconciliation processes and property insurance appraisal programs – with a focus on precise data collection and comprehensive reporting - promote improved financial supervision, regulatory compliance, and risk management.

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    Fixed Asset Management Insurance Apprais...
  • Insurance Appraisal Services

    Insureds, brokers, and underwriters rely on accurate property data for risk management purposes. Inflated insurable property values can result in payment of excessive insurance premiums, while inadequate insurance coverage can be disastrous in the event of a loss.

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    Insurance Appraisal Services
  • Machinery and Equipment Services

    Duff & Phelps offers experience and reliability in the valuation of machinery and equipment for virtually every industry. We perform machinery and equipment valuations for a variety of purposes

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    Machinery and Equipment Services
  • Building Insurance Appraisal and Inspection

    Inflated insurable property values can cause a business to pay excessive insurance premiums, while having inadequate insurance can be disastrous if a loss occurs. Accurate insurable property values facilitate appropriate allocation of insurance premiums and can serve as a basis if proof-of-loss documentation is required.

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    Building Insurance Appraisal and Inspect...
  • Equipment/Personal Property Insurance Appraisal and Inventory

    Today’s risk managers consider many factors when updating insurable values for equipment and personal property

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    Equipment/Personal Property Insurance Ap...
  • Property Insurance Appraisal Updating

    Once an organization invests in a structured property insurance appraisal program, annual updates offer a cost-effective way to maintain the integrity of insurable value data. Duff & Phelps provides annual updating services to corporate and public sector clients around the world

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    Property Insurance Appraisal Updating
  • eRisk Web-Based Reporting

    Access, manage and share property insurance appraisal data - anytime and anywhere – with eRISK, our property risk management solution.

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    eRisk Web-Based Reporting



  • Nigel Wilson
    Nigel Wilson

    Director, Insurance Services
    Duff & Phelps
    Boston, Massachusetts